Atlantic City, NJ-Driving a large commercial truck, whether it is a tractor-trailer or dump truck takes experience and skill. It also takes a driver who is concerned with their safety and the safety of others. Sadly, there are too many truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists that engage in reckless behaviors and put the lives of others at risk. Such is the case of a dump truck driver who has is facing charges for a fatal accident in Lawrence Township.

On July 17th, a dump truck driven by 38 year-old Daniel Everett slammed into the rear of a Nissan waiting for the light to change. The dump truck hit the car with such force that both vehicles were pushed into a shallow lake. The dump truck landed on top of the Nissan, trapping the driver inside and causing him to drown.

Everett suffered minor injuries in the accident.

According to the Star Ledger, prosecutors, announcing the charges, said Everett was driving fast and erratically prior to the collision. He has been charged with one count of death by auto.

Driving too fast for road conditions is commonly cited in truck accidents. In a recent New Jersey truck accident, which garnered national attention because it injured comedian Tracy Morgan, a preliminary report from the NTSB found that the truck driver responsible was going too fast for conditions. According the report, the truck driver was traveling 65 mph 60 seconds prior to the accident.

As traffic in front of him slowed for a construction zone which has a 45 mph speed limit, the driver was unable to stop and slammed into the rear of the limousine Morgan was riding in. One person in the limo was killed and Morgan along with other passengers suffered serious injuries.

All drivers regardless of what type of vehicle they are driving need to vigilant and adjust their speed according to road conditions. Traffic can slow or come to an abrupt stop at a moment’s notice. And if a driver is speeding or not paying to changes in the traffic flow or road conditions.

Speeding, fatigue, distraction and mechanical failure are the most common cause of truck accidents nationwide. Many serious or deadly truck accidents are caused by a combination of factors, causing truck accidents to be even more deadly or dangerous. Truck drivers should be held accountable if their negligence caused you or your loved ones harm.

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