A man, described as being in his 40’s by local authorities has died after being involved in a trash truck accident in the north east part of Portland last week, according to kgw.com.

Portland police have described the accident as a collision between a car and a waste management truck in which the car driver sustained critical life threatening injuries, and then succumbed to them and died on scene. There is not one Portland, Oregon truck accident lawyer not scrambling to determine what really happened. One of the finest truck accident lawyers in this entire area is Peter O. Hanson who can be found on his terrific website right here.

It has been verified that the car in fact rear ended the truck. Investigators that surveyed the crash site and examined the evidence believe that speeding and reckless driving were contributing factors in the accident. The truck driver escaped unscathed. The crash is still under investigation. The roadway was closed for many hours post the accident as emergency workers worked continuously to clear all of the debris off of the road.

Motorcycle – truck accident kills one

Public access to North Marine Drive was restricted after a man was killed in a motorcycle-truck accident in North Portland, as reported by koin.com. The decedent has been identified by authorities as 20 year old Joshua Michael Terry. Terry and few other bikers were riding together and were travelling in an easterly direction on North Marine Drive when tragedy struck.

Investigators believe the group of riders may have been speeding and may have been at speeds close to 100 miles per hour when the accident occurred. Supposedly, Terry and his gang belonged to a group of motor heads that call themselves the Red Door Meet. They have worked with a Portland, Oregon truck accident attorney before or certainly someone who knows one.

A pickup was driving ahead of Terry and it attempted to perform a u-turn. Unfortunately, Terry was probably at a very high speed and was unable to control his bike which ploughed into the side of the truck and killed him almost immediately. On top of this, even the driver of the pickup truck has sustained serious life threatening injuries in the accident.

Three fatalities in Josephine County accident

A head on accident that occurred on Friday last week on Oregon 199 in the proximity of Cave Junction has claimed the lives of three persons, according to oregonlive.com. Police have identified the deceased as follows: 25 year old Claire N. Honsaker, 27 year old Steve E Stinson, and 28 year old Christopher T. Burke.

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