A New York resident is facing multiple charges after he caused a major accident involving two New York State Patrol troopers and two tow truck drivers. Christopher Neuman,26, the man liable for the accident, has been detained and is currently waiting to be arraigned.


New York Upstate covered the story and reported that a car had been stopped in the median on Interstate 90 early Sunday morning. Two state troopers arrived on scene while they waited for the disabled vehicle to be removed and two tow truck drivers were dispatched to get the vehicle out of the roadway. They set flares up to signal to other drivers to move over to avoid an accident and blocked off the left lane of the three-lane highway. Unfortunately, Neuman failed to move over and instead, he drove his 2010 Mercury right into the patrol troopers’ car, struck both troopers, and one of the tow truck drivers. The impact caused debris to fly which struck the second tow truck driver.


Trooper Karow was thrown nearly 70 feet into the median and the other trooper was trapped underneath the tow truck. All three individuals who were struck by Neuman were taken to Albany Medical Center along with Neuman himself who suffered minor injuries. While Neuman was released into police custody and then arrested, both state troopers remained in serious, yet stable condition. They suffered multiple cuts, broken bones, and internal injuries. One of the troopers even needed to undergo surgery as he had an extensive amount of internal bleeding. One of the tow truck drivers suffered a cut to his head and received medical attention.


The news source reported that both officers had a few years of police work under their belts and had experience in being on the force. Thankfully, all the victims survived the accident. As for Neuman, he is currently facing charges of first-degree vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated, and numerous other vehicle and traffic law violations.


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