Drivers in Louisiana should know why trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs

Acy, LA – Most drivers see large semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles on the roads every day. However, there are significant risks associated with these vehicles, as they are more likely to be involved in accidents and cause fatalities than other drivers for a number of different reasons. Although trucking companies and drivers have special training and other methods of minimizing the possibility of an accident, they still happen all the time. If someone is injured by a trucker, they can sue the driver or their employer to receive compensation for their medical bills and other losses. 

Severe weather

Because semi trucks tend to have long distances and go between state lines to make stops and deliveries, it is possible that a driver can suddenly be caught in the middle of a snow or rain storm. While driving in these conditions is always dangerous and the chances of an accident increase greatly, this is even more true when a driver is attempting to control a very large vehicle with poor visibility on slippery roads. 

Stress on drivers

Truckers are more likely to cause an accident simply because they spend so much more total time behind the wheel. There are limits on total driving hours each day, but truckers are still permitted to spend up to ten hours on the road in a single day. This is plenty of time to have issues with distractions, fatigue, or other errors that can have serious consequences. 

The possibility of vehicle problems

All drivers should have their vehicles checked regularly for issues with tires, brakes, and other parts. However, truckers spend so much time on the road and record so many miles that they have issues with damaged parts and vehicle problems at any time. Something as common as a flat tire can be much more dangerous when a large commercial vehicle is going at a high speed on a road with traffic nearby. In situations where there was a manufacturing or design problem with the truck, the company responsible for the issue may be named as a defendant in a lawsuit rather than the driver or trucking business. 

Louisiana accident attorneys

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