Truck driver training requirements are minimal under federal regulations.

Midland, TX- Driving a commercial truck takes skill and hands-on experience, but not everyone who drives a truck has the training to be a safe driver. Trucking companies are under a lot of pressure to move their cargo quickly, but they are also facing a shortage of drivers, so to cut corners, they put inexperienced drivers who lack adequate training in charge of heavy and dangerous vehicles. That leaves safety advocates and truck accident attorneys to ask: Are commercial truck drivers getting enough training?

Training is paramount in any industry, but it is critical when someone is in charge of a vehicle that can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. In most occupations, lackluster training is not a matter of life and death, but when a semi, tanker, dump truck or other commercial truck is involved, a lack of proper training can cost a motorist or truck driver their life.

In the U.S., the average age of a truck driver is 55 according to Bureau of Labor, so many drivers on the road have an abundance of experience and take great pride in being safe drivers. However, not all drivers do and as the demand for transportation continues to grow trucking companies relying more and more on drivers with the bare minimum of training and experience to satisfy the requirements of the industry.

The average age of American truck drivers is 55 years.

When a truck driver has thorough training and on-the-job experience, they know how to react appropriately when an emergency situation arises. If they experience a tire blow-out or other mechanical failure, a driver with the right training can take actions that will keep an accident from occurring.

Before, an individual becomes a license truck driver they are required to take a road and have 10 hours of classroom training. That’s it for federal requirements, but state government and trucking companies can require more training. Overall there is little consistency from company to company and state to state. This lack of uniformity gives unscrupulous trucking companies the chance to put untrained, inexperienced and potentially dangerous truck drivers on behind the wheel of a giant vehicle.

Advocates of trucking safety are critical of the minimal training requirements for drivers and support additional commercial driver training. In February of 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced they would create a committee to examine current training requirements and recommend changes that will be beneficial.

Improving training standards for truck drivers can prevent some tragic truck accidents, but won’t stop them all. USAttorneys encourages victims of truck accidents to speak with an attorney who can help them get compensation for their injuries, financial losses, and mental anguish. We can connect you with an exceptional truck accident attorney in Midland, Texas to stand up for your rights and secure a generous truck accident settlement.

A truck accident lawyer in Texas can help you recover a fair settlement for your accident.

A truck accident lawyer in Texas can help you recover a fair settlement for your accident.