According to arresting law enforcement officers, a tow truck driver has been taken into custody because he stole the bank card of man who had passed away in a truck accident. Orlando, FL truck accident lawyers do not approve of this behavior.

The auto incident occurred in Volusia County midweek, as reported by

The suspect has been identified as 31 year old Giovanni Canicatti. He was an employee with Johnny’s Autobody in Orange City and was summoned to a crash site in the proximity of DeLand so he could tow a car which had been involved in the crash.

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The auto accident reportedly occurred on east bound State Road 44 at Prevatt Avenue. The victim Robert Sullivan and his wife, aged 50 and 54 respectively, were pulled over near a traffic light when they were rear ended by a Sports Utility Vehicle which was being operated by 39 year old Joseph Hyden who hails from Port Orange.

The force of the collision sent the car that the victim was in lunging into another SUV. It was like the first rear end truck accident caused a chain reaction resulting in a second rear end. According to Orlando, FL truck accident lawyers, video footage and other evidence will play a vital role in establishing liability and other related legal issues.

Deceased man’s wife realizes someone had stolen her husband’s bank card

Elizabeth Sullivan survived the accident, but was severely hurt and was hospitalized. She then received her deceased husband’s wallet from the tow truck company which is when she realized that a bank card was missing.

Furthermore, it transpired that over the next two days after the truck accident, someone had used her deceased husbands’ bank card for a total of $1,748. Florida truck accident attorneys believe this is a criminal act now and someone should be taught a lesson. This is something about of the movie Nightcrawler!

One of the transactions was registered as being made in a car dealership in order to purchase a license plate holder and a steering wheel for a Chevrolet Impala while another transaction was recorded as being made in furniture rental store to rent out furniture.

Rent furniture? Why not buy it? Many people think renting furniture is not only illogical it is unhygienic.

When authorities tried to track down the transactions to the person who made them, they found that the person who had made the transactions had provided the merchants with a fake name, however, had given them a real phone number. The man was arrested after his girlfriend collected the car parts which were ordered.

The suspect has now been released on bail, but prosecutors have hit him with illegal use of a credit card and unlawful possession of personal identification. Not impressive behavior! Some people believe his girlfriend should be a suspect too.

Fatal truck accident on I-80, truck driver sentenced

A Florida truck driver has been sentenced to 12 months of non-reporting probation and a total of $750 in fines after he caused a fatal truck accident on Interstate 80, according to

The truck driver has been identified as Israel Chamizo who was convicted of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. The victim in the truck accident has been identified as Donald Stephenson from Boardman. He passed away. Additional charges could also be possible say Florida truck accident attorneys.

The Promised Land is one step closer

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