Kansas City, MO- A California truck driver pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary vehicular manslaughter in connection to a fatal Missouri truck accident which occurred in 2013. Lei Sun entered his guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter last week, and was sentenced to serve four year in jail, the Springfield News-Leader reported. The Missouri State Police said Sun was traveling between 50 and 59 mph when he rear-ended two vehicles stopped at a red-light near Republic, Missouri, in March of 2013. The two passenger vehicles were pushed into another tractor-trailer stopped in front of them. The two vehicle drivers, Lawrence “Mike” Coan and Corey Gresham, died as result of the crash. The Springfield-News Leader reported that in the ensuing investigation, Missouri State Police examined the truck’s on-board computer and found that Sun did not apply the brakes before the collision. They also found Sun had driven 70 hours in a seven day period, which means he violated hours-of-service regulations, and he falsified his driver’s log book. In previous court appearances, a MSP investigator said the tractor-trailer was having brake problems but could not say whether mechanical was the cause of the accident. Both the Coan and Gresham families filed civil suits against Sun and California-based trucking company Daniel Orchard Transportation. The News-Ledger reports that the Coan family dropped their lawsuit. With one lawsuit pending, it presents an opportunity to discuss whether a guilty plea to a serious or minor traffic accident In order to secure a personal injury or wrongful death settlement, a Kansas City truck accident attorney must be able to prove that an accidental injury or death was the direct result of one or more party’s negligence. This can be the most difficult huddle a victim faces in securing a fair settlement. Proving negligence is not as simple as it sounds. Personal injury attorneys, especially those representing truck accident victims, must do a great deal of investigating to prove which party or parties are at fault for a catastrophic accident. They must examine accident reports, truck company logs, driver logs and both parties’ history of violations. Past or present, a guilty plea to one or more traffic violations can be compelling evidence of a driver’s reckless behavior. Like criminal court, civil court has strict evidentiary rules and certain types of evidence, such as hearsay, are not typically admissible in court. A guilty plea to a traffic violation however is considered admissible in civil court and serves as proof of negligent driving. A guilty plea can be utilized by a Kansas City truck accident attorney to bolster the strength of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit and secure a fair injury settlement. Truck accident victims can decide to pursue and injury claim on their own, but if they want to assure they will an optimal settlement they need contact a Missouri truck accident attorney. A personal injury attorney is able to anticipate the cost a victim faces and won’t allow them to accept an unjust settlement.