DeKalb County, GA- Speeding can be dangerous for all motorists but it is especially dangerous when a driver is in command of a vehicle up to 80,000 lbs. A recent fatal truck accident

In late May, a truck driver was killed when his flat-bed truck slammed into Jeep Liberty and overturned. According to reports, Ben David Warren, 32, picked up a load of sod just after 1 a.m. on May 21st, and began heading north on 1-75. When he reached Valdosta, Georgia, Warren attempted to the exit the interstate but he was traveling at a high rate of speed and was unable to stop before he collided with a the Jeep Liberty which was sitting at a red light.

As a result of the collision, both the flat-bed truck and the Jeep went down an embankment and into the parking lot of a local Olive Garden restaurant, causing the truck to overturn.

According to WALB, Warren was trapped in the cab of the truck and emergency crews worked for two hours to free him. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on the scene.

His passenger 31 year-old Jason Boston suffered head injury but was able to crawl out of the truck cab. He initially refused medical treatment but went to the hospital later on.

The Jeep driver 23 year-old Micky Halsey had to be extricated from his vehicle and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Police are still trying to determine the exact cause of the accident, though Georgia State Trooper told WALB that Warren didn’t slow before the accident. No one has been charged for the accident because Georgia State Patrol is still working to determine if mechanical failure played a role in the accident.

Most motorists find it hard to comply with speed limits, but those limits exist in order to assure the safety of all motorists including truck drivers. When excessive speed is combined with mechanical failure, any resulting accident can be catastrophic for the truck driver, the passenger vehicle motorist and their passengers.

When a person has been involved in an accident with any large commercial truck, they need an attorney on their side. As this accident shows, the cause of a truck accident and who is liable is a complex issue and not nearly as easy to determine as auto accident. There are many truck accidents where more than one party can he held accountable for a truck accident victim’s injuries. Those negligent parties can include the driver, their trucking company, a party responsible for repairing and maintain a vehicle, and a parts manufacturer, to a name a few.

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If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is crucial that you contact a DeKalb County truck accident attorney as soon as you are able so they can begin working on your personal injury or wrongful death claim.