Arlington law enforcement officers and other forensic authorities have been able to identify the deceased driver that was involved in a fiery crash on Interstate 30.

According to, the driver of the pickup truck, which scraped a concrete road divider and immediately went up in flames, was forty nine year old Michal Thornburg. Thornburg succumbed to injuries he sustained to his chest as a result of the blunt force impact of the crash. Medical Emergency Technicians who arrived on the scene of the crash pronounced him officially dead on the scene after checking his vitals. A post mortem conducted by a medical examiner revealed that Thornburg had taken a devastatingly deadly blow to the chest in the crash.

Driver in a rush

Witnesses who were also on Interstate 30 and saw the horrific crash unfold in front of their eyes, claimed that the white pickup truck attempted to exit the interstate at the last minute and ended up hitting the concrete divider and immediately catching fire. Another driver pulled over and ran over to the white pickup by foot to attempt to pry the driver out before he was burned to death but the flames were too huge and the man just could not get to the car. There is not much an Arlington TX truck accident lawyer can do in this case since this man did this to himself.

Police reports establish that the accident occurred at around five minutes to 6 pm on Monday in the westbound lanes of Interstate 30 in the proximity of Texas 360.

18-year old Arlington based teenager injured in a two car crash

An 18-year old identified as Hunter Bernhardt from Arlington, Texas has sustained minor to moderate injuries after being involved in a two car crash and is currently being treated at Blanchard Valley Hospital for his injuries, as reported by

The accident occurred in the crossing near Hancock County 9 and Van Buren Township 32 on Tuesday evening last week. According to investigators and Arlington truck accident attorneys who can be found on the exceptional website, the Arlington teenager was driving in a westerly direction on the township road when he approached the intersection and ploughed into a GMC truck that was traveling in a northerly direction and was being driven by a driver identified as 35-year old Frank Hardy.

The only charges filed by prosecutors are against the teen himself for failing to yield to a stop sign at the intersection.

Federal Express driver dies in truck accident

Search and rescue workers and law enforcement officers worked hand in hand to recover the dead body of a Federal Express driver from the Trinity River in Dallas, as reported by

The driver died after he drove off the side on a bridge on interstate – 45 in the proximity of Overton Road exit. The 18-wheeler that literally lunged off the bridge and plummeted into the Trinity River was travelling southwards on Interstate 45.

Apparently, FedEx Ground (the company) is assisting and co-operating with authorities with the investigation. The driver’s body has been recovered from the river but has not been identified yet.

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