Fatigued driving is a factor in a large number of truck accidents.

Birmingham, AL- A head-on collision between two tractor-trailers early last week left on driver dead and another injured. Now, police are trying to figure out why one of the drivers drifted across a median and crashed into another tractor-trailer.

According to reports, the accident occurred around five a.m. on Monday, June 24th on the I-795 outside of Gadsden. It appears as though the driver a tractor-trailer traveling in the westbound lanes for some unknown reason crossed over the center median into the eastbound lanes he collided with another tractor-trailer, killing the driver.

Witnesses told WBRC that they heard a loud bang and then saw smoke and flames coming from the area where the accident occurred.

Police told WIAT-TV that the driver who was killed was traveling in the right direction on the highway.

Although the police haven’t assigned any blame, a coroner told reporters that this accident is likely to result in a civil suit.

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The cause of this accident is not known at this time, so it is too to speculate the cause of whether the fatigue played a role in the crash, but the fact is drowsy driving causes a large majority of commercial truck crashes. What’s more, the majority of drowsy-driving accidents occur between the midnight and six a.m., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, the NHTSA says that most drowsy-driving accidents involve one vehicle with no other passengers and usually entails the driver “running off the road at a high rate of speed with no evidence of braking.”

Drowsiness or fatigue slows a person’s physical and mental processes, making them unable to make evasive maneuvers when an emergency situation occurs. A fatigued truck driver can nod off and lose control of their vehicles without even realizing it, leaving others with devastating injuries.

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