Snow Covered RoadColumbus, GA- Police believe a tractor-trailer driver whose truck overturned on 1-20 in McDuffie County Wednesday morning fell asleep at the wheel. Meanwhile, officials warn motorists to be safe ahead of the arrival of winter storm Remus.

The accident took place early Wednesday morning in the eastbound lanes of 1-20. Police say that a tractor-trailer, hauling soup, overturned when the driver lost control, crossed the center line and overcorrected, WRDW reports.

Police suspect the driver fell asleep before he lost control, and said charges against the driver are pending, according to WRWD.

The truck driver was injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

That’s one shipment of soup that won’t make to the stores ahead of winter storm Remus which meteorologists believe will bring freezing rain and snow to Georgia on Wednesday through Thursday.

Driver fatigue plays a major role in truck accidents across the nation and causes thousands of unnecessary injuries and deaths each year. To combat this problem, federal law forbids truck drivers from being on the road for too many hours at a time.

When a truck driver causes an accident because they fell asleep at the wheel, they and the trucking company they work for can be liable for any injuries or deaths that result. If you have been involved in a devastating accident, our team of Georgia truck accident attorneys will be devote their time and expertise to your case and ensure you get the compensation you are entitled for your injuries or untimely loss.

With winter weather moving into the state and the metro Atlanta-area, officials are concerned about the potential for accidents, especially those involving tractor-trailers.

The winter storm warning for Georgia begins Wednesday afternoon until mid-day Thursday. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal issued a State of Emergency alert.

Last year, Atlanta and surrounding areas were crippled when Mother Nature dumped snow and ice on interstates and roadways traveling in and out of Atlanta. A mix of a tractor-trailer and car accidents left many motorists stranded on I-75, I-85 and I-20 for numerous hours, some of who were forced to remain in their vehicles for at least a day.

Speaking with WSBTV, attorney Jeff Shiver, said he represents victims who were injured in last year’s winter storm and said many of those accidents were caused by tractor-trailers. Shiver says federal law dictates truck drivers must take extra precautions when inclement weather strikes, but too many don’t.

“They don’t want to miss a delivery, get in trouble with a dispatch, many economic reasons, they should stop, but they don’t,” Shiver said according to WSBTV.

If the weather gets dicey, officials could decide to divert truck drivers off the interstates and allow them to wait out the storm in designated areas.

Columbus and areas south of Atlanta may not see much of the wintry precipitation, but motorists and truck drivers still need to take caution.

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