Gulfport, MS- Tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks are heavy and can cause a severe damage to life and property. So, people naturally expect for commercial truck drivers to have plenty of training and that trucking companies don’t let drivers with terrible safety records on the road. But that isn’t always the case. When it comes to truck accidents, we often focus on speed, distraction or fatigue, but driver training and safety are often overlooked.

Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut down a Mississippi trucking company after one of their drivers was involved in fatal May accident that left five nursing students from Georgia dead.

The accident occurred in a work zone when traffic had begun to slow down. Police said that the truck driver was not able to stop and rear-ended a vehicle carrying the nursing students and another vehicle. One of the vehicles and the truck burst into flames.

In an investigation of Total Transport, the agency found that drivers for the company had been cited for speeding 107 times, ignoring traffic devices 45 times and using a cell phone while driving 9 times. The company was also cited for over 500 hundred mechanical and vehicle maintenance issues, including failing to replace worn or bald tires and bad brakes. What’s more, drivers for Total Transport were involved in 85 accident, many of which resulted in injuries.

Sadly, this trucking company is not unique and there a dozens of companies with abysmal safety records. There are companies across the country who don’t take unsafe drivers off the road or allow drivers with too little training on the road.

Under current federal regulations, truck drivers must take a road tests and spend at least 10 hours in a classroom, but to many this does not seem like nearly enough training to ensure the safety of a truck driver and other motorists.

Earlier this month the FMCSA introduced new regulations that would require more training for truck drivers. The new regulations, if enacted, would require truck drivers undergo 30 hours of on-the-road training on top of their classroom training. But these rules are facing resistance from trucking companies who say truck drivers are in such high demand that longer training hours would hurt the industry.

Training is very important in any occupation and 10 hours isn’t that much when you consider the destruction caused by a semi-truck. To most, 10 hours of training seems fair when you consider the weight of tractor-trailers, tankers and other large trucks, and how much destruction they can cause when involved in an accident.

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