Speeding Truck Sacramento, CA- With winter there is always the danger of a truck driver running into treacherous road conditions or inclement weather. Many areas of California may be immune to the ice and snow that grips the east coast, but fog can be a major road hazard as a recent truck accident that occurred in Fresno demonstrates.

ABC 30 reports that on Wednesday, just after 3 a.m., a poultry truck from Foster Farms traveling north on Highway 41 pulled over to the side of the road for some unknown reason. The driver, identified as Antonio Cervantes, was standing outside of his truck when a fuel tanker came along and struck the his truck. Cervantes was then hit and pinned beneath the wheels of his own truck.

It took emergency crews about 40 minutes to free him. He was then rushed to the hospital, suffering serious injuries, but he succumbed to his injuries.

Shortly after the initial collision, a pickup truck came along and slammed into the tanker truck, then,  just moments later, another truck from Foster Farms slammed into the rear of the pickup truck, according ABC 30.

The driver of the pickup truck suffered serious injuries. The driver of the tanker suffered minor injuries and the driver of the last truck was not injured.

Police are still investigating the accident and are trying to determine if fog played a role in the accident.

This accident brings up the issue of responsibility when adverse of inclement weather plays a role. It’s just wishful thinking on the part of a motorist to think they can blame an accident on the weather and they will be dismissed of their responsibility. That isn’t the case for any motorist whether they are in command of a car or large commercial truck.

Federal safety regulations require truck drivers to cease operation, when road conditions are too adverse for them to travel safely, and regardless of the deadlines they have to meet. Trucking companies are not allowed to force their drivers on the road when conditions are too unsafe. In the event of snow, ice, heavy or freezing rain or fog, drivers need to slow down and keep their distance from other vehicles so they don’t cause a major accident.

Because of their size and weight, a commercial truck can cause significant damage to life and property. Victims face a long road to recovery and many victims may never recover. Truck accident victims face exorbitant medical costs so they need a Sacramento truck accident attorney working on their injury claim.

A truck driver or trucking company that fails to take the necessary precautions and cause a deadly or injurious accident could be considered negligent. They need take responsibility for their negligence by compensating truck accident victims for their injuries and other accident-related costs. Our team of truck accident attorneys in California understand that your life can be tuned upside down by and accident and relentlessly pursue just compensation on your behalf. If you are suffering and in pain, speak with an attorney so they can explain the options you have for seeking compensation.