It is never a good idea to cut off a driver, especially when traveling on roadways that allow motorists to travel at increased rates of speed. Although this is common knowledge, many drivers continue to engage in this type of reckless behavior but fail to recognize the true dangers they expose themselves to when they do so. However, a recent accident that occurred in Orlando serves as proof as to why you should avoid cutting a driver off at all costs.


According to Orlando Sentinel, 72-year-old Enrique Hernandez was behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer when he was cut off. Hernandez told State Troopers that as he was driving east on I-4 near Lee Road a car swerved in front of him causing him to lose control of his truck. As a result, the truck crashed into the center wall of the roadway and began spilling fuel. The accident caused major delays on I-4 and approximately 100 gallons of diesel to leak. Luckily, no injuries were reported.


Did you know that cutting a driver off can cost you in the state of Florida?


Not only can cutting a driver off lead to a serious collision occurring as described above, but it can also lead to you being ticketed. Although driving in South Florida has proven to be a challenge, you have to be mindful of the rules of the roadway and follow them. Not only can cutting in front of another driver cause you to get a ticket or cause an accident, but it can also lead to road rage. Like you, most drivers are trying to get to where they need to go and often get frustrated themselves when traffic is backed up. So, when they see you attempting to cut in, it only enrages them even more which could lead to a case of road rage developing.

In an effort to help prevent you from cutting in front of another driver and causing a collision here are some alternate options for you to consider:


  1. Be courteous and gesture to the driver that you would like to get over. In most cases, when a driver sees that you are being considerate, there is an increased chance that they will let you over.

    The next time you attempt to cut someone off or cut into traffic exiting the roadway, consider these tips that could help prevent an accident from occurring.

  2. Use your turn signals to indicate to other drivers that you need to get over. Not only does Florida law require that you use your turn signals to change lanes, but it also states that you cannot pass another vehicle on the right and then enter their lane. You are also not permitted to drive along the shoulder of the road to cut in [Source: Sun Sentinel].
  3. When cars are waiting to exit off a roadway, it is illegal to cut in front of the line, although many drivers tend to do this seeing that they don’t want to wait at the back which only increases their travel time.


With more than 37,000 people dying in roadway crashes each year in the U.S., drivers are encouraged to always practice safe driving and avoid engaging in any type of behavior that could increase the chances of an accident occurring with a commercial truck or any other vehicle [Source: Association for Safe International Road Travel].


In the event you were already involved in a collision with a truck and are looking to collect compensation from your insurance company or the at-fault driver, consider contacting who can help you locate an Orlando truck accident lawyer now.