Atlanta, GA- The driver who caused a deadly chain-reaction accident last week on Highway 316 in Winder has been charged with multiple counts in relation to the collision.

On Wednesday, June 4th, a tractor-trailer driver slammed into the rear of a Dodge pickup which then slammed into another Dodge pickup truck towing a trailer. Authorities say all three trucks were traveling in the westbound lanes when they came upon a mower which was straddling the right lane and the shoulder according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Investigators believe the first pickup was unable to get around the mower so the driver came to a complete stop. The second pickup truck stopped in time to avoid colliding with the first pickup. But the tractor-trailer was not and rear-ended the second pickup which was pushed into the first pickup. Both the tractor-trailer and the pickup overturned.

The driver of the second pickup truck struck by the tractor-trailer, Cody Grayson Brantley, 29, of Winder, Georgia, was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of the first pickup suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The truck driver, Robert Bly of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was charged with two misdemeanors; second-degree homicide by vehicle and following too closely, the Journal-Constitution reported.

The accident tied up both directions of Hwy 316 for several hours as investigators worked the scene and the debris was cleared.

Police did not say whether Bly was speeding but, speaking from experience, the majority of motorists on the interstates and highways in the metropolitan Atlanta-area travel at high rates of speed, often in excess of 70 miles. So, speed plays a role in many Atlanta truck accidents.

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