A driver accused of causing a dump truck accident in which an 82 year old woman, who happened to be a mother of 14, appeared in court recently and faced the judge in charge of the case. The victim in the truck accident that occurred by on July 14th, has been identified as Patricia Lemay, as reported by necn.com and the Boston Herald. The police report termed the crash a “tragic accident”.

However, it was later determined that the dump truck driver who struck Lemay should have seen her and averted the collision.

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It all happened when Lemay was outside for a walk and was strolling on the side of the road when the truck which was in the area working on a paving project struck and knocked her down in such a way that she became pinned underneath the weight of the vehicle.

The driver who is being accused of motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation and other motor vehicle related charges has been identified in court documents as 60 year old Phillip Friedman from Paxton. He has been released on bail of $5,000 due his own personal recognizance. Massachusetts truck accident attorneys point out that vehicular homicide is one of the serious charges that usually results in a significant jail term.

Truck Driver Who Struck Pedestrian in Worcester at Large

Law enforcement officers are on the hunt for a truck driver who supposedly collided into a truck driver on Franklin Street in Worcester, as reported by massive.com. The vehicle accident occurred mid-week and the driver is said to have fled after the collision. This will only add to penalties and punishments say truck accident lawyers in Worcester, MA. If man does not get him or her, God will though according to many. No one lives forever.

It is very sad that some people are careless drivers and do not care that much about other people.

The man sustained a rather serious leg injury and as per police reports, he was receiving treatment from paramedics and emergency medical technicians when law enforcement officers arrived on the scene.

According to friends of the victim and other pedestrians who also witnessed the truck accident, the victim and his friends were attempting to cross the street when the victim was struck by a black truck which instead of stopping, continued on its way towards Norfolk Street. Unfortunately and to make things more challenging for the law enforcement officers, none of the witnesses on scene were able to gather the license plate details of the truck.

The victim is currently being treated for injuries in a local hospital and his condition is said to be non-life threatening.

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