Truck accidents are growing in number by the year and this can be attributed in general to the slight increase in truck traffic across the United States. The worrisome part is, truck accidents should increase much more in the following years and certainly even months when the economy explodes which it is set to do. With new pro-growth and pro-job leadership about to take over, America is poised to spring upward economically.

According to the Delaware Annual Traffic Report for 2015, there were 1,555 accidents involving truck tractors and semi-trailers, and other large commercial vehicles including vans. Of these, as many as 13 fatalities were recorded.

Getting hit by a truck is terrible. But what is worse is not having a Dover City, DE truck accident lawyer on your side and signing this truck accident off to an insurance agent who knows you are going to need a lot more money to break even and certainly get on top. Get on now!

Dover City, DE truck accident lawyers reiterate that it needs to be noted that truck accidents are a lot more severe in nature than normal car accidents because of the sheer size and weight of most commercial trucks. This is precisely why they are subjected to separate trucking laws which are a lot more stringent, vast, and convoluted as compared to car accident laws.

Furthermore, trucking laws vary from state to state while trucks are also subjected to federal trucking laws put forth by Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration (FMSCA). FMSCA laws require that any trucking accident is investigated thoroughly by accident inspectors who are required to generate an auto accident report. Here are some of the common causes of truck accidents as explained by leading Delaware truck accident attorneys.

Fatigued driving

Truck driving is a taxing job where the driver has to embark on long and lonely journeys for hours on end. Therefore, there are some state specific and federal restrictions as to how many hours an individual can drive a commercial truck without a period of rest.

Unfortunately, it is common practice in the trucking industry for truck drivers to exceed their hours in order to make overtime pay because taxes are so high people have to work that much harder to pay for all the money they are losing via taxes. This can lead to drivers who are overworked and not exactly in a state of mind to be driving a commercial rig which weighs several tons down a public road at substantial speeds. There have been instances where drivers were so fatigued that they literally dozed off during the drive and caused a truck accident.

Your doctor and nurse may feel bad for you but the opposing insurance company is not going to show you any sympathy. You need to use to your advantage and do not sign anything with the insurance company until you have a legal pro representing you.

Impaired driving

Another occupational hazard with truck driving is the fact that truck drivers are at the risk of substance abuse given the nature of their work and the lack of stimulus. Needless to say, it is most certainly a recipe for disaster for someone under the influence of possibly hallucinogenic drugs to be driving a truck which is capable of causing a catastrophic accident.

Mechanical failure

Trucks are large vehicles with many moving parts that are obviously subject to friction and hence also to wear and tear. It is vital that trucks are serviced and parts are thoroughly checked, repaired, or replaced as required. Failure to do so may lead to loss of control during critical times of operation which can of course result in horrific accidents and are often the cause of fatal accidents and litigation, point out Dover City, DE truck accident lawyers.


There are federal and state specific limits and specifics about how much payload a truck can carry and how this payload needs to be mounted and loaded. Failure to follow these guidelines may cause an abrupt change in center of gravity which leads to loss in control and may ultimately cause a vehicle accident.

If you are a victim of an auto accident involving a commercial vehicle, you have the right to claim compensation. Talk to a profound Delaware truck accident lawyer today to find out how you can go about recovering damages.