04-09-2012- Truck-Accident-Attorney-News-BlogDallas, TX- The Department of Transportation recently announced they would open the Southern Border to Mexican trucking companies, allowing some carriers to make long hauls throughout the U.S.

Mexican carriers must comply with U.S. trucking regulations and before being allowed to operate in the U.S., these companies and their drivers must comply with federal safety regulations. These companies must show the FMCSA that they have instituted effective safety programs that ensure drivers are complying with Hours of Service Rules. These companies must also test their drivers for drugs and ensure they obtain a U.S. commercial driver’s license and pass an English proficiency test.

American trucking companies are allowed to conduct long-hauls in the U.S., but, according to the Fleet Owner, only five companies conduct cross-border long hauls in Mexico.

This expansion effects motorists for a different reasons. For one, there will now be an even larger number of tractor-trailers traveling through Texas and throughout the nation’s highways. There is also some risk that, like some unethical American trucking companies, some of these Mexican carriers will not fully comply with federal safety regulations and potentially put other motorists at risk. Secondly, should one of these carrier be involved in an accident, it will change the dynamic for stateside victims and make even more crucial they enlist the services of a truck accident attorney in Texas.

Fleet Owner noted that the DOT made this decision without thoroughly testing whether Mexican companies are ready to conduct long hauls in the U.S. The trucking industry trade journal reported that a FMCSA pilot program only included 15 of the 46 Mexican trucking companies they determined they needed to collect accurate safety data on these foreign carriers. Additionally, the Office of the Inspector General found that 90 percent of the data collected at border crossings for the pilot program came from two companies.

Truck accidents are quite different from auto accidents because they usually involve more than one party and may have more than one cause. The actions of a driver may have contributed to an accident, perhaps they were going a little over the speed limit, but brake failure was the largest contributor. That means two parties are responsible for the accident, the truck driver and their trucking company and responsible for compensating the victims.

Truck accident victims need someone they can turn to and trust to help them in the aftermath of a catastrophic truck accident. They have so much to deal with form the pain of seeing a loved one suffer or losing one to dealing with all of their medical and everyday expenses. Truck accident victims need someone to take the reins of their personal injury claim so they can focus of their recovery or helping a loved one heal.

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