truck accident lawyers in Raleigh, NC

If you need help getting your medical bills paid right now, consider contacting the Raleigh truck accident lawyers at Cardinal Law Partners.

If you were involved in an accident with a large truck in Raleigh, NC which resulted in you suffering injuries, you probably have begun to receive medical bills from the hospital, your physician, etc. if you had any care rendered. Upon receiving these bills, you might be wondering who is going to pay them and if your health insurance company will cover these bills. The answer is, it all depends.

Typically, before your health insurance company will pay for the medical treatment you had or need rendered, you would first need file a claim through your auto insurance company or the trucking company’s insurer depending on who was at fault. The State of North Carolina does follow at-fault insurance laws which means the claim should be filed through the insurer of the at-fault party. Therefore, if the truck driver was responsible for causing the wreck, you would want to contact the company he or she works for and find out who they are insured with so you can get your claim filed.


Important: If you have spoken with an agent at the trucking company and you have been informed that they are refusing to accept the blame for the accident, you should contact a Raleigh, NC truck accident attorney who can weigh-in on the issue and provide you with legal representation should you need it. The truck accident lawyers at the Cardinal Law Partners are some of the best in the field and are available to consult with you now for free.


How much will the trucking company’s insurer pay toward my medical bills?


In the event you are able to file a claim with the trucking company’s insurer, the amount it will pay all depends on the limits the company purchased. In most cases, trucking companies, especially those that oversee a fleet of vehicles, are required to carry higher limits so you may be able to recover the full amount you need to cover all of your medical expenses. However, getting an insurance claim approved and paid can take time so you might consider looking into your own policy to see if you have any coverage that will pay for your medical bills right now while you wait.

Medical payments coverage is one type of coverage that pays for medical expenses after an auto accident if you elected to purchase it. In the event you did not, you might then turn to your health insurer to see if it will pay for the medical care you need rendered right now if you are having a hard time getting the other party’s insurer to pay your claim. Now, every health insurer does have its own policies and procedures for how it handles claims filed for the medical care rendered after an accident so it is best you contact your insurer to find out whether they will pay for your care or not.

truck accident lawyers in Raleigh, NC

Need more information regarding filing a civil lawsuit for the injuries you suffered in a truck accident in Raleigh? If so, contact a truck crash lawyer today.

Something else to keep in mind if you are having difficulty getting your medical bills paid after engaging in a truck collision is that you can file a civil lawsuit for damages against the at-fault party. Lawsuits do take time to settle so if you have a valid claim against the trucking company or even the driver, you will want to get your paperwork filed as soon as possible and with the help of an attorney.


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