In most instances, yes, hiring a FL truck accident lawyer is the way to go after engaging in a collision with a large truck. Here’s why.


If you were recently involved in a wreck in Pensacola, FL with a commercial truck, you may be asking yourself whether or not you should hire a truck accident lawyer. Like most accident victims, you are probably are unaware of why you would even need a lawyer when you have insurance, right? The truth is, there are many benefits to hiring a truck crash attorney and we are going to highlight some of the most important ones for you below.


  1. Insurance companies aren’t your friend, but a trusted lawyer is.


While you may have thought that your insurer was going to step in and help you recover the compensation you needed for all the damage the accident has caused, think again. Insurance companies are businesses that like to make money, not spend it. Therefore, don’t expect to receive a fair settlement amount for the injuries you sustained if you only rely on your insurance company to do the work for you.


  1. Your injuries hinder you from taking the necessary action you need to in order to recover the compensation you are due.


Let’s face it, truck accidents can take a toll on your physical and psychological abilities. While you may know what you need to do in order to hold the driver or even their employer accountable for causing the accident, you may not be well enough to actually follow through with all the steps you must take. That is where an attorney comes into the picture. Not only is a truck wreck lawyer skilled in handling these types of cases, which means they can take care of things much faster than the average person, but they remove the burden from your shoulders, which, in turn, allows you to focus on recovering.


And did you know that you if you wanted to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, you only have a certain period of time to do so? This deadline is referred to as the statute of limitations and the state of Florida permits accident victims to take legal action within four years from the date the incident occurred [Source: Florida Senate]. That means if your condition prevents you from filing paperwork or keeping up with the demands the insurer and the other involved parties ask of you, you could risk losing your opportunity to sue.


  1. They can tell when an insurer and/or company is providing you with a settlement that isn’t enough to cover the true damage they have caused.


Pensacola, FL truck crash lawyer

Most insurance companies aren’t going to provide you with a fair settlement which is why you need a FL truck accident attorney representing you who knows what your case is worth and isn’t willing to settle for less.

Aside from the obvious damage your vehicle sustained along with the injuries you are currently suffering from, what about future pain and suffering? In most cases, when an insurance company or employer of a truck driver attempts to settle, they are looking to pay you the least amount possible. This means the effect the accident has had on your quality of life won’t be taken into account nor will the fact that you may be unable to work or bring in the same amount of income you once were able to earn. All of this generally isn’t considered when it is just you and the at-fault party handling the matter. However, when a truck accident lawyer steps in, things shift from being in favor of the liable party to being in your favor as a legal professional will actually fight on your behalf to obtain the amount of compensation you should actually receive.


  1. They can help determine when it is a good time to file a personal injury lawsuit and the amounts to demand for the damages you suffered.


If the at-fault party isn’t willing to work with you or gives you the run around instead of providing you with the compensation you need and deserve, your Pensacola, FL truck crash attorney can approach the matter differently. One way is by filing a personal injury lawsuit and taking your case to court. And anytime a case goes to court, it is always in your best interest to have a lawyer working by your side.


  1. They can provide you with the support you need right now and can address any questions or concerns you might have.


  1. If your employer is giving you a hard time about returning to work or paying you for the time you had to take off, your lawyer will be there to handle this as well.


Based on the information provided above, you can see why it is beneficial for a truck crash victim to hire a lawyer, however, there are plenty of other benefits aside from these that you get when you retain an attorney to represent your case. To learn more about what these are and even what your case might be worth, contact the Pensacola, FL truck accident attorneys at Kerrigan, Estess, Rankin, McLeod & Thompson, LLP.


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