Distracted Truck DriverIndianapolis, IN- Truck drivers have a growing list of distractions, and sometimes allow themselves to be distracted by something when they should be paying attention to the road. Such is the case of recent truck accident in Indiana.  But it wasn’t a smart phone or text message that distracted the truck driver who in mid-April caused a serious crash that resulted in costly cleanup and created a traffic nightmare for commuters. It was the radio!

On April 15th, a truck driver traveling in the southbound lanes of Interstate 65 in Indianapolis when he ran off the road and crashed into an abandoned car parked alongside the roadway. The truck, which was carrying 17,000 lbs. of potassium hydroxide, then burst into flames, creating a huge mess and tying up the morning rush, according to WTTV.

When asked about the cause of the accident, Indiana State Police Sargent Richard Meyers told WTTV the truck driver “just took his eyes off the road to mess with his radio for a little bit.”

The accident tied up the southbound lanes of I-65 for several hours. Fortunately no one, not even the truck driver, was injured, but the accident will end up being very costly anyway since it required a Hazmat cleanup.

Overall, tractor-trailer and other commercial truck accidents cost U.S. citizens over $20 million a year, with the majority of those costs, approximately $13.1 billion is attributed to the victims’ loss of quality of life. Much of the remaining amount can be attributed to damaged or destroyed property and cleanup costs since a major accident can cause extensive damage to cargo, trucks, buildings, and roadways.

It’s never safe to drive distracted, but it is especially unsafe when a motorists is driving a vehicle that can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. When any accident, whether the cause is fatigue, distraction or mechanical failure, involves a large commercial truck, the results can be disastrous, costing the victims their health and/or their lives. USAttorneys suggest that truck accident victims speak with an Indiana truck accident attorney to determine if there are eligible for compensation.

Even though distracted driving kills nine people be every day in the U.S., many Americans insist one using their cell phones behind the wheel. Or, engage in any number of activities that take their eyes of the road. Even a mere second of looking away from the road can set the stage for a damaging collision, as this accident shows.

If you have been in a truck accident you can turn to one of our truck accident attorneys serving Indiana to help your recover any medical, funeral and property repair costs you have incurred. Our team of attorneys know how to conduct and thorough investigation so you can pinpoint which parties are responsible for your accident. By holding each and every party responsible, you can maximize your compensation and get the peace of mind you need during this difficult time.