Milwaukee, WI- Each year nearly 4,000 people are killed in truck accidents many more are injured. In many cases, the resulting deaths or injuries are caused by a driver who acts with little concern for the other motorists who they are sharing the road with. What many truck accident victims don’t realize is that may be entitled damages beyond their accident-related expenses.

Most truck accident victims in Wisconsin are aware that they are entitled to compensation for the death of a loved one or for the injuries they suffered. In most cases truck accident victims are eligible for compensation for their medical and funeral expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages and emotional distress. These are general damages awarded to accident victims and are intended to compensate victims for specific losses, but victims may be able to increase the amount of compensation they receive by seeking punitive damages.

Punitive damages in personal injury cases are awarded to accident victims when the at-fault party’s actions were considered depraved or wanton. Such damages serve to further punish a driver for their reckless actions.

Legally, negligence is the failure to act with due diligence or exercise reasonable caution. But many accidents aren’t the result of simple negligence, they are the result of gross negligence, which is conduct above and beyond the failure to exercise reasonable caution. Meaning a truck driver acted out of complete disregard or safety and caused injury to others because their actions.

One type of reckless behavior that may warrant punitive damages is impaired driving. For the most part motorists understand drunken driving is dangerous, but they do it regardless of the risks. Other behaviors truck drivers can engage that may call for punitive damages include driving at very high rates of speed, leaving the scene of an accident and failing to render aide, and failing to ensure a commercial truck is in proper working order.

Wisconsin truck accident victims may be eligible for punitive damages, but they have a high bar to meet to recover those damages. They laws regarding punitive damages can be complex so accident victims need an experienced truck accident attorney who is well-versed in the state’s personal injury laws working on their case. Obtaining punitive damages is not easy and requires the victims have an aggressive attorney who knows how to conduct a thorough investigation and knows how to build a strong injury claim. USAttorneys can help you find an attorney near you to assist you with your truck accident claim.

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