Fatigue plays a role in approximately 13 percent of fatal truck wrecks.

Truck accident lawyer in Michigan explains the role of fatigue in truck wrecks

Detroit, MI- Commercial truck accidents can be the result of several factors including inclement weather mechanical failure or negligence on behalf of a passenger vehicle driver. But the most common cause of traffic accidents, whether they involve autos or large trucks are caused by driver error. In the trucking industry, fatigue is a regularly cited driver error. In this article, USAttorneys will discuss the role fatigued driving plays in Detroit truck accidents.

What is driver fatigue?

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road, sometimes driving for 11 to twelve hours a day for days on end. It’s natural for truck drivers to become fatigued during a long work week, and the disturbing thing about driver fatigue is that drivers don’t realize they are putting themselves and others in danger until it’s too late.

Fatigue slows a person’s mental processes and makes them slow to react in an emergency. A fatigued driver is unable to assess a situation and take the appropriate evasive maneuvers correctly. In many cases, fatigued drivers fall asleep at the wheel and lose control, sometimes traveling into oncoming traffic. Sadly, many truck drivers don’t realize they are fatigued until they get on the road.

What is the role of fatigue in commercial truck accidents?

In a 2005 poll, the National Sleep Foundation found that in a survey of 168 million people, 60 percent of adult drivers admitted to driving a vehicle when they felt drowsy within the past 12 months. Four percent of those motorists said they were in an accident or nearly avoided a collision because they were fatigued or dozed off.

Fatigue slows a person down mentally and physically.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Large Truck Crash Causation Study, fatigued driving accounted for approximately 13 percent of truck accidents in 2013. That’s a significant number of accidents that could be prevented as long as a truck driver gets enough rest between driving shifts.

A study from Australia found that the impairment associated with being awake for 18 hours was equivalent to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05.

Who is at risk of fatigued driving?

Any driver can become fatigued, but some groups are at a greater risk of being in a drowsy driving accident. According to the Sleep Foundation, those risk groups include:

Long haul truckers

Parents with young children

Shift workers who don’t have a regular schedule

Drivers in urban areas, and


Fatigued driving is a risk for any motorist, but a commercial truck can cause extensive damage to person and property. If you are the victim of a fatigued truck driver, USAttorneys recommends you get an attorney’s advice before speaking to anyone or accepting a settlement. We will connect you with a truck accident lawyer in Detroit, Michigan who will help you recover the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

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