Strafford County, NH- According to the American Trucking Association, commercial trucks are responsible for transporting the majority of freight in the U.S. and the number of trucks on the roads are on the rise. That means there are more and more opportunities for a truck accident to occur and when they do, victims need to who is potentially liable for their accident.

If you’ve been in a serious truck accident, we at USAttorneys urges you to retain a truck accident lawyer near their New Hampshire location to help you with your case. Our team of attorneys understand how complex truck accidents can be and have the skills to pinpoint which party or parties are responsible for your accident.

With truck accident, a number of parties can play a role in a crash and may be responsible for compensating the victim or victims. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a crash, a truck driver, a trucking company, a part manufacture, a repair shop or the parties responsible for loading a truck may have to take on some liability for a victim’s death or injuries.

Since the majority of truck accidents, like traffic accidents, are caused by driver error, liability will most likely fall onto the truck driver. Speeding, following too closely, fatigue and distraction are the most common errors made by truck drivers.

But responsibility may not lie solely with a truck driver, a trucking company may also be liable for a major truck crash if they failed to properly maintain or repair the involved truck and a mechanical problem led to the crash. A manufacturer can be liable if defective part was involved or a repair shop can be partly liable if they didn’t make the necessary repairs. If an accident was caused by a shifting load or objects coming from a truck, the company or person who loaded it could also be liable.

In most truck accident cases, liability is not assigned to just one person or entity. Generally a combination of negligent actions are to blame for a truck accident and two or more parties can be held accountable. For example, a truck driver is speeding and rear-ends a car that had slowed because the truck’s brakes were not working properly. That driver was acting negligently because he was driving too fast for conditions but the trucking company was also liable because their truck was not been proper were working order. Since both parties were partly to blame for an accident, both parties were liable.

In order to receive an optimal settlement, you must be able to identify each party that played a role in your accident. Our team of truck accident lawyers in New Hampshire understand the importance of proving liability and have the skills to pinpoint each party liable for your accident. They are dedicated and have the skills to present a successful injury claim on your behalf. If you want to get the best settlement possible you need one of our talented attorneys working on your personal injury or wrongful death claim.