Most accidents on the road occur when two or more vehicles collide with each other. However, this is not the only way that collisions occur. In some cases, accidents occur when vehicles collide with other structures or when they collide with loose cargo that has fallen on the road. When fallen cargo accidents occur, then a person will have to get in touch with a truck accident attorney to launch an investigation and determine who is to be held responsible for negligence.

Sometimes, a truck accident may not occur due to the cargo falling out, but it may occur because of the cargo shifting suddenly and resulting in the truck driver losing control. The dangers of improperly loaded cargo are extremely high and that is why extremely strict laws have been put in place regarding loading cargo the proper way.

Some mistakes that are made in loading cargo include:

  • Trailer doors not being closed properly
  • A small gap or hole in the truck left uncovered
  • Not fastening the cargo down properly
  • Exceeding the cargo weight limit

These mistakes lead to dire consequences and any driver who gets into an accident due to the improperly loaded cargo of a truck driver who was sharing the road with them should not hesitate to take legal action as soon as possible. After a proper investigation is conducted, one’s attorney will be able to tell the victim who was at fault for the collision.

The truck driver may be held responsible if it’s discerned that they violated traffic laws, and this caused them to lose control of their vehicle resulting in the cargo being dislodged. If it is determined that the truck doors opened because they were faulty, then the truck owner may be held liable for failing to maintain their vehicle. If it was the cargo itself that was not properly secured, then the cargo loading company can be held to account.

Getting in touch with a truck accident attorney in Santa Cruz, CA

Small details must be taken into consideration when a truck accident investigation is conducted. A lawyer who has experience investigating such cases can provide a person with the legal help they need to gather relevant evidence and present their case to the opposing party appropriately. When the correct legal route is taken, a person can get fairly compensated to help cover all their damages.

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