Jackson, MS- The number of commercial trucks operating on the nation’s roads have increased significantly over the past decade. And with more of these large vehicles on the road, there is a greater chance of a major truck accident occurring. If you happen to one of the many people injured in truck accidents in Mississippi you need to determine which party or parties are liable for your accident, but how do you do that?

To ensure all parties who are responsible for your accident are held accountable, USAttorneys recommends you retain and truck accident lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi. They understand the complexities associated with find the cause of a truck accident and determining liability.

One thing that differentiates a truck accident from a car accident is the fact that more than one party can be responsible for a victim’s injuries. A truck driver may be the sole responsible party, but a trucking company or the party responsible for loading the cargo.

The overwhelming majority of truck accidents in Mississippi are caused by driver error such as speeding, driving while fatigued or distracted driving. When this is the case and driver error is the only cause of a truck accident and the driver is the sole party responsible from compensating the victims. But not all cases are that cut and dry and other factors can be at play.

Say for instance, a truck driver was sending a text when a car suddenly stops in front of them. The truck driver slams on the brakes but the brakes fail. The truck then hits the car and the occupants are injured. It would be safe to assume that the truck driver was responsible because they were texting and driving, but during the course of the investigation you find out that the brakes on the truck failed. That could mean that the trucking company responsible for repairing or maintain the truck was also negligent because they did not ensure that truck was in proper working order.

Sometimes truck accidents are caused by the cargo. If the truck accident involved a load that shifted or came off a truck, the party responsible for loading the truck can also be accountable for a victim’s injuries.

A thorough investigation is the best way to determine liability for any traffic accident. When you enlist one of our truck accident lawyers in Mississippi, they will look at accident reports, drivers’ logs, trucking company logs and the safety records of all involved parties. By identifying each party that may have played a role in your accident, your attorney can increase the final settlement amount you receive.

If you were injured in a truck accident in Jackson, Mississippi we recommend you contact the outstanding team of attorneys at Pittman, Germany, Roberts & Welsh, L.L.P to build your truck accident claim. You can count on them to aggressively pursue your case so that you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.