If a driver gets into a truck accident it is necessary for them to report the accident in almost every case. Since truck accidents nearly always cause property damage and cause bodily injury, then it is required for a driver to inform police officers of the collision.

After getting into an accident with such a large vehicle, a person should proceed forward with calling the police and an ambulance if required. After the authorities are contacted a person can exchange contact information with the other drivers involved in the accident and this is often the best time to call a truck accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado. A lawyer can educate a person on their rights and what steps they must take in order to get fairly compensated for their losses.

It is important to remember that a person will only be compensated if they are able to appropriately prove that the other driver was at fault for the collision and for this reason collecting evidence and documenting everything are the most important factors to focus on.

Important pieces of evidence which should be documented include:

  • Fresh pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Medical records of injuries
  • Witness reports
  • Doctors comments and notes
  • Statements made after the accident
  • Copies of paperwork made by a claim’s adjuster
  • Police reports
  • The time and weather conditions when the accident occurred

The more evidence a person has with them, the better it is for them because it will increase their chances of landing a higher settlement amount.

What is truck driver negligence?

Truck driver negligence can be anything from them failing to carry the appropriate license to them speeding on the highway. Basically, any careless action a truck driver undertakes which results in the endangerment of the other drivers is considered negligence.

If a person can prove that a truck driver was behaving negligently by providing the appropriate evidence then they can easily be compensated for all the losses they suffered, whether these losses were tangible or intangible.

The best way to prove that a driver was acting negligently is through the assistance of a legal professional. A legal professional has the expertise and education necessary to help a person collect the evidence and navigate through the rest of their case without unexpected bumps in the road.

Who is at fault if a truck accident occurs in very bad weather conditions?

If a collision occurred during a rainstorm/snowstorm or during extremely foggy conditions, then it can be difficult to discern who exactly was at fault. In cases like this, all factors will be considered such as how long the truck driver had been driving and whether any other traffic violations were undertaken by either of the drivers. Once again, the more evidence a person can collect, the more chances they have to prove the negligence of the truck driver.