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Truck Accident Lawyers in Delaware

Were You or a Loved One Hurt in a Collision with a Commercial Vehicle?
Our Delaware Truck Accidents are Here to Help Protect Your Rights

Statistics show that nearly 100,000 people are injured in accidents involving large commercial trucks each year. Because of their massive size, vehicles like 18-wheelers, fuel trucks, tractor-trailers, and dump trucks can cause catastrophic damage when they collide with other vehicles on the road or pedestrians. Unfortunately, despite the many laws that guard against truck accidents in Delaware, numerous drivers and truck companies ignore these regulations and cause pain and suffering to innocent victims. If you or a loved one were injured in a Delaware truck accident, you deserve justice for your pain and suffering.  Browse our site to get connected to some of the most experienced accident lawyers in Delaware who will not rest until you obtain compensation for your injuries or losses.

Several factors can contribute to a truck accident in Delaware, but most are the result of the driver’s negligence. Because of long shifts and tight deadlines, commercial drivers often disregard traffic laws and speed in order to arrive at their destinations on time, cut off other motorists, fail to maintain a safe distance between their trucks and other motorists, and even fall asleep behind the wheel from exhaustion. Regardless of what caused your truck accident injuries or losses, it’s important you understand you can fight back. Our Delaware truck accident attorneys are on your side and fight to protect your right to medical care, lost wages and money damages because of the wrongful actions committed by a truck driver or truck company.

Truck accident injuries can be life-changing, both for the actual victims and for their loved ones. Accidents with big rigs and other large trucks can cause extensive burns, limb loss, spinal cord injuries, and even brain damage. Those who survive a truck accident can be left with permanent disabilities or paralysis but many are killed as a result of their extensive physical trauma.

Delaware truck accident attorneys do not allow the wrongful actions of a driver or company to go unpunished. They will see to it those responsible are held liable and will help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Contact one of our featured lawyers today to file a case and protect your rights.