Overturned TruckOrlando, FL- A simple mistake in a large commercial truck can easily lead to a horrific accident as exhibited by a fiery accident on a Florida freeway that two passenger vehicle motorists dead Thursday morning and tied up the roadway for several hours.

Police say that the driver of a tractor-trailer traveling along the Sawgrass Parkway in Sunrise when he clipped the rear corner of a sedan. The tractor-trailer driver the lost control of his rig and overturned on top of the sedan, trapping it under the trailer of the large rig, WSVN reported.

The sedan, which police initially believed to have only one passenger, burst into flames and burned beyond recognition. When police were able to reach the burned out vehicle they soon discovered two bodies that they will have to identify through dental records.

The driver of the tractor-trailer suffered serious but non-life threatening issues, according to WSVN.

The truck was carrying watermelons and other produce which scattered along the highway. Cleanup of the accident took several hours and caused significant traffic backups.

Police have not determined why the truck driver clipped the rear of the car as their investigation is still underway.

Why an accident occurred is very important, especially if the victims or their surviving family members plan on pursing the at-fault party for compensation. The cause of an accident dictates who must take responsibility. For instance, if driver error is the sole cause of this accident then the driver is the only party liable for any resulting injuries or deaths. But, if his accident was also caused by another factor, such as mechanical failure or a shifting load, a truck company or another party may be considered liable and must also compensate the victims.

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Fatal accidents are, unfortunately, a daily occurrence in the U.S. The NHTSA estimate that an average of 89 people are killed traffic accident every day. While truck accidents may occur less frequently than car accidents, they are nonetheless tragic and often result in multiple fatalities, more severe injuries and costly property damage.

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