Truck AccidentMacon, GA- Commercial trucks can pose hazards for motorists in a number of ways, especially if these vehicle are improperly loaded, not secured properly, are overweight or a driver attempts to pass under a bridge without having enough clearance. An accident occurring this week serves as a prime example what can happen when a truck driver fails to realize they don’t have enough room to safely pass under a bridge.

The accident occurred Wednesday just after 12:00 p.m. in Secaucus, NJ, left one man dead and another seriously injured as cargo from a passing truck crushed the work van they were traveling in.

North reported that a flat-bed truck hauling steel parts for a large crane rammed into a bridge. Upon impact, steel parts from the truck fell onto and crushed a work van that was traveling alongside the truck.

A driver and passenger inside the van were both pinned inside the van. It took emergency crews nearly two hours to free the two men. They were both rushed to the hospital, but the passenger eventually succumbed to his injuries.

North Jersey reports that the truck was owned by DiFama concrete which has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for workplace violations, some of which were serious violations and repeat offenses.

Because of the accident, police were forced to close lanes on both sides of Route 3, which tied up traffic for hours.

In the case of this accident, the driver attempted to travel under a bridge without having the proper clearance, even though it was clearly marked. It appears as though the driver involved in this accident was not aware of how tall his cargo was. He should have known that the bridge was not tall enough to clear the bridge. Not taking that into consideration means he was acting negligently and he should be held accountable for the injuries a property damage he caused.

Truck drivers hauling cargo which requires a great deal of clearance and should chose a route that can accommodate their vehicles, because when they cause accidents, they are liable for the injuries and damages they cause. Also, the company a driver works for could be liable for any resulting injuries or deaths.

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