A hit and run crash which occurred on Interstate 81 in the proximity of Mechanicsburg last week resulted in the death of a man from the Bronx, New York. The auto accident occurred in Silver Spring Township, as reported by cumberlink.com.

The deceased victim was identified by state authorities as 24 year old Zivko Lakic and he had apparently pulled over on Interstate 86 just by mile marker 56 and got out of his tractor trailer. As he stood beside the driver’s side front door another tractor trailer crashed into him.

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The driver of the other tractor trailer has also been identified as 56 year old Alan Kegal who hailed from Leander in Texas. As per investigators, Kegal’s tractor trailer smashed into the side of Lakic’s tractor trailer near the mirror area and hit Lakic himself. The force of the collision threw Lakic onto the grass along the berm of the road.

Kegal continued to drive and proceeded in a northerly direction. However, he was spotted by law enforcement officers who forced him to pull over and then took him into custody. The arrest was executed at the Flying J truck stop located off the Manada Hill exit in the proximity of Harrisburg. State police has seen the truck and determined the front end damage which was visible was in connection with the reported hit and run accident which claimed Lakic’s life.

Kegal made a statement to media personnel claiming he was very tired and may have momentarily fallen asleep behind the wheel when he struck Lakic. Computers do not fall asleep. When will automated trucks be put to use? Ten years from now? Issues like this only bring us one step close to this notion becoming a reality.

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He also told arresting law enforcement officers that he pulled over a little further along the interstate from where the collision occurred to check the damage to the front end and this is where he decided to stop to get some sleep and also made a mental note to report the incident to his trucking company.

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Sunrise Highway Crash Claims Box Truck Driver’s Life

According to NBC, a trucker was killed in a fiery accident on Sunrise Highway on Long Island. Reports indicate that he was driving erratically and flipped over a guardrail before colliding with two cars that were parked off the highway.

The box truck who witnesses say had its hazard lights on weaved in and out of traffic before ending up in the fiery crash. A bystander reported that there were two explosions when the box truck crashed and she even heard the driver yell for help but it was unfortunately too late. The driver not yet been identified.

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