Truck collision Kansas City, MO- A chain-reaction collision involving eight vehicles including a tractor-trailer left two people dead Wednesday afternoon.

The Missouri State Patrol reports that the accident occurred around 3 p.m. Wednesday on U.S. Highway 54 at Lake Ozark. MHP Officer Scott White told KRCG that a tractor-trailer, driven by an Illinois man, rear-ended a passenger vehicle, setting off a chain of collision. A total of seven passenger vehicles were involved in the collision.

At least two of the involved cars caught fire, killing 7-year-old Kenda O’Leary and her mother, 50-year-old Robin Dinwiddie, both of Eldon, KRGC reported.

Five other people including the truck driver suffered injuries and were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Police charged the truck driver with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of careless and imprudent driving.

Highway 54 was closed for a few hours.

In a recent, trucking enforcement blitz, conducted by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in conjunction with law enforcement agencies across the country, following too closely was among the top five citations issued to truck drivers.  Other common citations for truck drivers were speeding, improper lane change, failure to use a safety belts and failure to obey traffic control devices.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that it takes 250 feet for a commercial truck traveling 60 mph to come to a complete stop. That’s a great deal of distance which many drivers fail to give themselves.

All motorists on the road have a responsibility to driver like they are sharing the road. Everyone has somewhere to be at a certain time, but that doesn’t give us permission to abandon safety and put other people on the road in danger of being killed or seriously injured.

In general, truck accidents are less common than car collisions, and passenger vehicle motorists are to be blamed in the majority of incidents. That, however doesn’t mean truck drivers rarely take risks that endanger others as the Missouri accident demonstrates. When a truck driver’s action have led to a major wreck, the victims should retain a Missouri truck accident attorney to speak for them.

Nearly, 4,000 Americans lose their lives in truck accidents each year, and tens of thousands are injured. If a driver has caused an accident because they were acting recklessly, their victims are entitled to compensation. USAttorneys can connect Kansas City truck accident victims with a knowledgeable and practiced truck accident attorney who will work to secure a generous settlement on their behalf and make certain their rights are protected.

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