Truck AccidentDallas, TX- A fiery chain-reaction collision involving a tractor-trailer and several other vehicles left five people dead and several injured in the Dallas-Fort Worth area over the weekend.

The tragic chain of events were set off Sunday evening when a car crashed into a center concrete median and passing motorists stopped to help out, the Dallas News reported.

Veronica ‘Roni’ Gonzalez, and her fiancée Ely Alba Gonzalez who were returning home from their engagement party stopped to give aide to the victims of the first accident. Another car stopped, also stopped to give aide when a tractor-trailer slammed into the stopped cars and burst into flames.

Four people were pronounced dead at the scene. The fifth person died at the hospital.

The Tarrant County coroner’s office identified two of the deceased as Veronica Gonzalez, 43, and Mary Hernandez, 42, both of Fort Worth. The three other victims have not yet been identified.

In total 10 cars were involved in the accident which left over a dozen people injured. WFAA reports that most of the injuries were minor but at least one person suffering serious injuries and two others suffered critical injuries.

A Fort Worth office told the WFAA that it appears some of the accident victims were in the road when they were struck by the semi. Police also said, judging by the skid marks, truck driver made an effort to avoid the collision.

The semi-truck was carrying the Sunday edition of the Star-Telegram when the crash occurred.

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