Tailgating is a common behavior among truck drivers and can result in deadly crashes in Arkansas.

Little Rock, AR- Driver error causes most car and commercial truck accidents in Arkansas and the U.S. overall. Truck drivers and motorists make plenty of mistakes, but a typical bad habit among both groups is tailgating. It’d dangerous for anyone to tailgate, but the consequences can be far worse when a large and heavy truck is involved.

Arkansas Truck Accident Kills Two

The crash occurred on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, just across the Arkansas border in Texarkana on I-30 around 5:00 p.m. and left two people dead.

Arkansas State Police said that driver of a Mack failed to see traffic has slowed on the highway and rear-ended a Kenworth tractor-trailer. That initial crash set off a chain-reaction collision that involved three tractor-trailers and one passenger van. After being hit, the Kenilworth truck was pushed into a van which struck a third tractor-trailer, a Freightliner, Arkansas Online reports.

The driver of the van and the Mack truck were both killed. The two occupants of the third tractor-trailer were injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The interstate was tied up for hours and resulted in three additional crashes that were minor, according to the online paper mentioned above.

Typical Errors for Truck Divers

Driver error refers the intentional and unintentional mistakes motorists make behind the wheel. Motorists make many mistakes behind the wheel, but the below are three of the most common:

Following too closely- It can take a commercial truck about 500 ft. to come to a complete stop if they are driving 65 mph. Trucks need to leave a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front, or they could cause an accident like the one discussed above.

Distracted driving- Cell phones are a major distraction for motorists of all persuasions- young or old, male or female, passenger vehicle motorist or a commercial driver. According to the National Safety Council, 25 percent of fatal crashes in the U.S. are attributed to cell phones, but there are other things that can distract a driver.

Other behind-the-wheel distractions including:

Food and drink


Onboard information systems

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Under federal law, truck drivers are prohibited from using a hand-held device while they are traveling. A first violation will just result in fines, but multiple violations could result in a suspension of a driver’s CDL.

Speeding- Motorists and drivers are often guilty of speeding and give little consideration to the danger they are creating for others. It is easy for a truck driver to lose control or cause a crash if they are speeding.

It is not unusual for truck drivers in Little Rock to engage in any of those behaviors discussed above. Sometimes their negligence results in a devastating truck crash. If you are injured in a truck wreck, USAttorneys can refer your case to someone who can help. We have an excellent team of truck accident lawyers in Little Rock who will stand up for you.