Phoenix, AZ- An accident on Interstate 17 in Phoenix, involving a van and a disabled tractor-trailer, left two people dead and tied up the Monday morning commute. reports that the accident occurred just after 6 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the intestate near the Dixileta Drive exit. After experiencing mechanical issues, a truck driver pulled his rig over and was parked along the shoulder where it was struck.

According to, the driver of a van, for some unknown reason, drifted into emergency lanes and slammed into the rear of the disabled tractor-trailer. The van struck with such force that it became wedged under the truck.

Two people in the van, a man and a woman, were killed. A third passenger in the van suffered major injuries.

The truck driver was not injured.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash, but have ruled out impairment.

In this case, the truck driver did all the right things; he was parked on the shoulder and placed warning signs around perimeter of his truck. Instead, as is often the case, this accident was caused by the passenger vehicle motorist, but it does bring up the issue of underride guards on commercial trucks.

It’s not clear if underride guards would have prevented this collision although this particular piece of safety equipment does help save lives and prevent injuries. Commercial trucks in the U.S. are required to have these guards on the rear to keep cars from sliding underneath a large truck, but there are many trucks on the road with weakened or crumbling guards that offer no protection at all.

Many fatal and injurious truck accidents are caused by mechanical failure or inadequate safety equipment. Far too many trucking companies and drivers try to save money by ignoring maintenance and vehicle repair and consequently put lives at risk.  There is no excuse and no justification for ignoring safety and potentially causing a person’s death. Fortunately truck drivers or trucking companies that do so are financially responsible for the pain and suffering they cause because of their negligence.

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