Certain areas of Indiana are experiencing a shortage of truck drivers and it only seems the issue will become greater as time goes on.


According to News and Tribune companies such as Mister “P” Express and others across the U.S. are “expected to face a shortage of 63,000 drivers this year, with a need to hire almost 900,000 more over the next decade.” The CEO of Mister “P” Express which is based in Indiana says the shortage has now reached “catastrophic levels.” But why such a shortage?

Apparently, American Trucking Association has a few good reasons why truckers are either leaving the industry or choosing to not even enter into it. We share with you some of these reasons below:


  1. Truck drivers are aging and retiring.
  2. Women aren’t as interested in the industry as there are more enticing jobs available
  3. Regulations turn drivers off. The federal government recently enacted a law that now requires truck drivers to carry an electronic logging device, ELD, which records the number of hours they work. However, drivers are only being paid for the time they are actually driving. Well, what about unloading, loading, and getting caught up at a destination? Unfortunately, truckers aren’t being compensated for this time which means they are now likely to work longer hours and only get paid for the time their truck was in operation.
  4. For some, truck driving can be unpleasant, and the drivers aren’t being compensated adequately.
  5. Many truck drivers rarely see significant pay raises.
  6. Truckers often spend a great deal of time away from their families.


While the trucking industry might be experiencing some rough times, Mister “P” Express is in the process of building a 16 acre “a comprehensive over-the-road-truck driving school” for the company. The students who attend this to school will learn how to master truck driving through education and practice. The project is expected to cost the company nearly $5 million and will now be able to educate at least 100 students at a time whereas before they were only able to cater up to 25 students at a time. The company believes that without having the school to teach individuals how to become truck drivers, they may not have made it this far.

As the industry continues to change, companies in Indiana and other states across the U.S. might consider doing more to entice individuals to join or remain working in the industry. While the standard pay for a trucker is currently around $42,480, companies such as Mister “P” Express and Summit try and provide higher pay salaries to their drivers. Summit also provides their employees and their families access to a nurse practitioner who treats these individuals for free. Mister “P” Express tries to only have their employees working five days a week so that they are able to enjoy their weekends with their families.

Aside from the struggles that have arisen for truck drivers, they also have to deal with accidents as they spend most of their time on the roadways. And unfortunately, they can be rather dangerous when motorists are driving distracted and/or drunk.


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