A woman was trapped inside her car after a tanker fell onto her vehicle and almost crushed it, as reported by wkrn.com. Emergency responders worked tirelessly to extricate the woman from the debris and were able to do so eventually.

The truck accident occurred the afternoon and the auto accident site has been described as Dunbar Cave Road in Warfield Boulevard. An investigation into the vehicle accident is still on and is led by traffic crash investigator Jennifer Szczerbiak.

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The woman who became trapped in her sedan has been identified as Kaylynn Ramlow and the driver of the tanker truck as Ernest Exum. Ramlow, thankfully, is now under treatment and is said to be in a stable condition and the injuries suffered are not life threatening. Ramlow is admitted in Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Exum, the driver of the tanker trailer, was also treated and released at Tennova Hospital.

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Truck Accident Which Caused Three Deaths – Company Now Held Liable for Crash

 A surviving brother of a woman who lost her life in a trucking accident in November last year on Interstate 40 in Cumberland County alleges that the trucking company is liable for the accident and specifically because they hired a driver who was not only reckless but also blatantly negligent, according to a wbir.com report.

You have to choose good people. Political correctness needs to go out of the window. A truck driver needs to be able to focus for long periods of time.

The plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit – a wrongful death lawsuit – are Jack Tooley of Tompkinsville, KY and the co-administrators of the estate of Tooley’s sister Nancy Eliabeth Tooley. The lawsuit was filed in a US District Court in the Middle District of the state for the northeast division.

The defendants in the case have been listed as Joe W. and Freda A. Scott and the company Rock Island Express.

The suit was filed back in December in which the plaintiffs allege that the driver of the truck was supposedly careless in his driving and failed to keep a lookout for other vehicles. Since he is an employee of the trucking company he was driving for, by the virtue of negligent hiring and respondeat superior, the trucking company has also been held liable for the auto accident and the subsequent damages.

You may think this unfair but is it? Why should the business be held liable for something their truck driver did? Well, the truck driver is most likely going to be fired and their truck driving career is shattered perhaps. But even with that, the business did hire this person. They did unleash this person onto society with a moving object of that size and girth. So they should be held liable right?

Businesses have to know who they hire. There are plenty of suitable drivers out there, being careless who you turn your truck driving keys over to can seriously damage your business. Does this mean that businesses should pay unnecessary fines? No, but they should pay something if they gave keys to someone who was not responsible and not that competent.

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