An intensive truck accident investigation will have to take place after a serious collision occurs to determine who is responsible for the damages. This investigation will involve various legal factors and the victim of the collision will need the help of a truck accident attorney to get through the entire process successfully.

One of the factors that an attorney will investigate is the driving history of the truck driver. The truck drivers driving history is important because if the driver failed to follow traffic laws in the past and if this is, not their first violation, they can be held more liable for the current collision.  In normal car accidents, a person’s driving history is generally not taken into consideration. However, in a truck accident, the driver is an employee working for a company, so the legal rulings are different.

Any breach exhibited by the trucking company or by the driver will be taken very seriously and if they did not follow the proper legal safety protocol mandated to them by the government, they will have to pay the consequences.

A truck accident lawyer will help a person prove the liability of the truck driver and anyone else who may be involved in the collision. Sometimes, it may not be entirely the truck drivers’ fault and the accident may have occurred due to some mechanical failure. If the collision was due to a truck-part malfunctioning, then an investigation will need to be conducted concerning whether the truck was properly maintained or whether the truck manufacturing company provided a faulty part to the vehicle.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the relevant party can be held responsible for the accident.

Negligent Entrustment Truck Accident Cases in Nampa, Idaho

If a trucking company knew or should have known they were hiring a dangerous driver then they can be held accountable for negligent entrustment. Trucking companies are required to take a great deal of care when hiring their drivers, and if they fail to screen the driver properly and they do not check if the driver has a clean driving record, that they are not abusing substances, and that they have the correct license to operate the vehicle then the company is putting everyone on the road at risk.

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