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Truck accidents in Connecticut can be the result of a multitude of causes, including bad weather, adverse road conditions and faulty truck equipment. However, the vast majority are the result of the truck driver’s own negligence in abiding by proper state laws. Many truck drivers speed in order to arrive at their destinations on time, neglecting to notice other motorists on the road while others work such long hours they become tired and fall asleep behind the wheel. But regardless of what causes a truck accident, the damage to victims can be catastrophic.


When an accident involving a large commercial truck, often referred to as a “semi,” “18-wheeler” or “big rig,” occurs in Connecticut, victims may suffer extensive and possibly even fatal injuries. Broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma, and third-degree burns are just some of the many injuries that can follow a truck accident, but there is a way for victims to fight back. Connecticut truck accident lawyers work to secure compensation for victims involved in collisions with large commercial vehicles and will help you and your loved ones obtain justice for your pain and suffering. Our site features links to some of the most aggressive and trusted Connecticut truck accident lawyers who will not rest until the best possible outcome for your case is attained.


There are many different types of truck accidents that can result from negligence. Some are caused by product defects including issues with breaks or tires, while others result from driver inexperience. Below are some of the most common factors that can cause Connecticut residents to suffer physical and emotional trauma following a  commercial vehicle collision.



As a truck accident victim, you have the right to secure legal counsel and defend your case in court. The more severe your personal injury, the more likely you will receive substantial compensation for your pain and suffering. Seek legal help right away with one of our Connecticut accident lawyers if you or a family member were involved in a collision with a large commercial vehicle so you can get started on your case and make sure those responsible are held accountable for their negligence.