Hartford, CT- Each year, there are close to half a million accidents involving large commercial vehicles throughout the U.S. And though it’s true that passenger vehicle accidents are more common than large truck accidents, these accidents tend to result in serious injuries and are twice as likely to be fatal.

Some personal injury victims mislead themselves into believing they will easily obtain compensation that will adequately cover their medical and other accident-related expenses. For minor accidents this may be true, but if the accident is serious is essential you contact a Connecticut truck accident attorney when seeking a fair injury settlement.

There is a broader scope of liability in truck accidents and numerous factors play into the cause of a truck accident. Truck accidents are often caused by driver error or mechanical failure or a combination of both. And unlike auto accidents, the liability for an injurious or deadly truck accident can land on the shoulders of more than one party. For instance, if a truck driver’s brakes fail and they are traveling too fast for road conditions when an accident occurs, both the driver and their trucking company may be liable for the resulting injuries.

An important aspect of any personal injury claim is the understanding of how the injury or injuries will impact the victim’s life. If the victim has been permanently disabled or disfigured, they need enough compensation so they can maintain their current standard of living. The personal injury attorneys at Melocowsky & Melocowsky have years of experience in dealing with injury claims and have insight into the long-term consequences your injury may have. We will relentlessly pursue a settlement which covers your medical care, loss of future, and past wages along with compensation for your pain and suffering.  We won’t allow you to be undersold and will make certain your rights are protected.

Our personal injury attorneys will present the parties responsible for your injuries will a demand package stating the amount of compensation an accident victim requires. Often, personal injury cases can be settled without ever having to step inside a court room. However if we have been unable to negotiate a fair settlement, our attorneys are prepared to take your case to court, build a strong argument and utilize expert testimony to build on the solidity of your claim.

Before you speak with anyone about your accident such as an insurance company, contact one of our highly qualified attorneys in Glastonbury, Farmington or Hartford. Getting sound legal advice will be more beneficial to you in the long run as studies show accident victims with legal counsel receive compensation two to three times more than those who try to settle their injury claims alone.

With any type of accident it essential to retain and personal injury attorney as soon as possible. When you act quickly and enlist the help of a Connecticut truck accident, you can focus on healing, knowing that someone is working diligently on your behalf.