The Los Angeles Times recently reported that a major truck accident occurred in Rialto on the 10 Freeway that left several dead and others injured. A concrete truck had been traveling west on the freeway when it careened through the center divider of the road and into multiple vehicles. The truck hit a smaller truck along with four other cars. After police arrived on the scene, they had confirmed that five lives had been taken and another person needed to be transported to a local hospital with an unknown condition.

The accident led to the closing of the freeway in both directions as CHP investigators had to examine the scene and determine what the potential cause of the accident was.

Tragic accidents such as this one remind us that when we decide to hop on the freeway, we must take into account all of the types of vehicles we are going to be sharing the roadway with along with the different types of drivers as well. You have to remember that some motorists like to speed, drive recklessly, distracted, and some that travel at a far slower pace than all others and poses as a risk. That is why you need to drive defensively, not aggressively, if you want to help prevent a truck accident or any other type of accident from occurring.


Another Fatal Freeway Accident Occurs in California


ABC 7 covered a more recent incident that transpired on a California roadway that left one man dead. According to the source, a man in a passenger vehicle was weaving in and out of the emergency lane just before it crashed into the back of a stalled big rig that was pulled off onto the eastbound shoulder. The impact caused the vehicle to burst into flames and two good Samaritans who witnessed it attempted to help free the driver from the vehicle. One of the drivers, who is a resident of Riverside, said he was on his way home from Disneyland when he saw the car on fire.

The two men went to work after pulling off the road and looking for ways to get the trapped driver out of his vehicle. One grabbed a fire extinguisher from the truck driver to help reduce the flames and the other got a screwdriver to break open the window. Unfortunately, the driver was still stuck in his vehicle and the good Samaritans said they were forced to wait for a fire truck to get there. Sadly, the driver died at the scene of the crash. CHP reported that they were continuing to investigate the truck accident and mentioned that rain was not a contributing factor to it occurring.

A Riverside, CA truck accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for the injuries you sustained in a collision with a semi truck or big rig.

After being involved in such a traumatic accident involving a semi-truck or big rig, its difficult for victims to carry on with their lives in the way they once could. Some suffer from physical injuries while others experience mental anguish after losing someone or going through a near-death experience. So, what is something that an accident victim can do to help them get through this recovery period? Well, for starters, they can enlist the help of a Riverside, CA truck accident attorney who has the ability to recover compensation to help reduce the financial burden they are faced with. A truck accident lawyer can also push for punitive damages to be awarded given the driver was negligent or reckless and that this behavior is what caused the collision to transpire.


If you were recently injured in a truck crash in Riverside, CA call today and get connected with a legal professional who will protect your interests and your rights as an accident victim.