As a motorist, you are going to want to be cognizant of a few different things. First, you need to be aware of all the roadway laws so that you can avoid engaging in an accident. Easy enough, right? Next, you want to avoid taking part in any sort of activity that will deter your attention away from the road. And third, you are going to want to understand what to do in the event you become involved in an accident. While it seems so simple once you get the hang of it, we often forget how dangerous our roadways can truly be. With so many contributing factors that cause accidents, you need to always be attentive and alert to avoid any sort of collision. One aspect that makes our roads even more dangerous that many fail to consider are semi and tractor trucks.

It is important that any victim of a truck accident retain a truck accident lawyer who can get them the compensation they deserve and require.

Truck Facts

Large commercial trucks usually weight anywhere between 20-30 times more than passenger cars according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Those who travel in smaller vehicles are often more vulnerable to sustaining severe injuries in the event they collide with one of these enormous trucks. Because truckers take longer to stop and can only travel at a certain speed, drivers all around need to be aware of how they operate their vehicle while not interfering with these large trucks that share our roadways. Unfortunately, not always do drivers or truckers adhere to the roadway rules which then results in a truck accident.

Truck Accident Injuries in Nevada

Truck crashes are known to cause serious, life-threatening injuries and can leave a victim suffering from disabilities and long-term pain. If you were recently involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler truck or a semi, it is vital that you to understand what types of compensation you may be entitled to receive. A local Nevada truck accident lawyer featured on can help you understand this as their goal is to obtain the maximum compensation for all truck crash victims.

What Will Truck Accident Compensation Cover?

Because most collisions involving a truck result in long-term injuries, there is generally going to be a need for compensation to cover the costs that you will incur throughout this time. Some of the things your truck accident attorney in Nevada can fight for include:

  • Funds for physical therapy
  • Drug treatments
  • Surgery
  • Hospital visits
  • Long terms recovery, or rehabilitation treatment
  • Emergency transportation
  • Home or vehicle modifications if your injury affects the way you maneuver inside your house or car.

While this list only consists of a few of the things your truck incident claim may cover, the best way to learn what types of damages a truck crash will pay for are through your trucking collision lawyer. Insurance companies often work against you rather than with you so you want to be sure you have someone on your side who is fighting for your rights. As often as we try and avoid accidents, somehow, they still seem to arise all around us.