Speed can turn a truck accident deadly.

Orange County, CA- A semi-truck accident can have a host of causes. Mechanical failure and equipment malfunctions are common causes but, like car accidents, driver error is responsible for many truck accidents. Driver error includes a range of risky behind-the-wheel behaviors but speeding is one of the more common. Here our team of truck accident lawyers in California will discuss speed as a cause of truck accidents and how victims can recover compensation.

In the latest Large Truck Crash Causation Study, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that nearly one in four fatal truck accidents were attributed to speeding. Of course, many motorists speed, but truck drivers are in charge of a much heavier and much larger vehicle which can cause greater damage in the event of a collision.

Too many motorists and truck drivers don’t realize that they can easily lose control and get involved in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that it takes up to 250 feet for an 80,000 lb. truck to stop if the driver is traveling 60 mph. There’s a good chance that most trucks on the highway are moving faster than 60 mph. A fast-moving truck can easily demolish a passenger car and make the impact of a crash catastrophic or potentially deadly.

A truck can overturn or jackknife when a truck driver is speeding.

Speed also makes a commercial truck even more deadly if a vehicle has an underlying mechanical problem. If the truck has to come to a sudden stop but the brakes are bad, a high speed will only make the possibility of a crash even greater. Speed also makes it more probable that a truck will jackknife or tip over and catch other vehicles up in the chaos.

Truck drivers and motorists are often overconfident and believe there are such skilled drivers that speeding will never cause them to be in an accident. They are the exception to the rule, but truck accidents and car accidents are often the results of a speeding driver.

When speed is involved, an accident is more likely to be deadly or leave the survivors with catastrophic injuries. If you are the victim of a speeding truck driver, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a personal injury attorney to

Don’t get less than you deserve for your injuries by trying to handle your claim without legal counsel.

ensure you recover compensation for your financial and emotional damages. Building an efficient truck accident claim takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Orange County, California, understand how to build a claim that results in just settlement.

As soon as you can, we recommend you contact a truck accident lawyer in California and set up a consultation. You can discuss your case. You have a choice about how your claim is resolved, so it’s wise to get the advice of an attorney before you make any decisions about your case or speak with an insurer. Let USAttorneys connect you with an experienced lawyer who will take over your case and leave you to focus on getting better.