According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 411,000 large truck crashes reported during 2014. Of that amount, 3,424 resulted in one fatality and 82,000 of those collisions reported a nonfatal injury. Based on studies and data, there are certain things the FMCSA has identified to be the same when taking all the accidents into consideration. One thing that was common was that most of these truck accidents involved two vehicles as opposed to being a single-vehicle crash.

Although it is uncertain as to who was responsible for these incidents, if two vehicles were involved, the truck driver or the other vehicle could have been responsible for causing it. 

Rural roads make for a much more dangerous ride

“Approximately 61 percent of all fatal crashes involving large trucks occurred on rural roads and 26 percent on rural or urban Interstate highways.” While these statistics are an overall percentage on the national level, Mississippi is recognized for the issues they bring to the table for the truck drivers who have to travel across the state’s rural roads.

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The Clarion-Ledger highlighted that “Mississippi’s rural roads and bridges are among the worst and most dangerous in the nation.” Many of the collisions that occur on these roads often end with a fatality. Some of the other surprising facts that you may not know about Mississippi roads include:

  • “22 percent of Mississippi’s major rural roads are rated in poor condition.” This means that not all of the truck accidents that transpire are attributed to a negligent or inattentive motorist. Bumpy or uneven roads make for a much risker ride for an average car so the larger trucks, including semi-trucks, are more at a disadvantage when traveling along their routes that go through this state.
  • Mississippi’s rural roads are rated 13th worst in the nation.
  • The bridges located in the state of Mississippi rank 12th worst in the nation, “with 14 percent rated as structurally deficient.”

When do most truck accidents occur?

Based on the data reviewed by the FMCSA, nighttime is the most dangerous time as this is when a large number of truck accidents occur. “Thirty-seven percent of all fatal crashes, 19 percent of all injury crashes, and 20 percent of all property damage only crashes involving large trucks occurred at night.” The times when these accidents transpired were between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Between the number of fatal accidents and those that were nonfatal, majority occurred during the weekdays as opposed to the weekends when more people were out on the roadways. This means that congested roadways don’t necessarily mean there is more risk out when traveling.

Getting legal aid to help recover compensation for truck accident injuries in Jackson

 Considering these numbers and statistics, clearly there is an issue with the number of truck accidents that transpire in the state of Mississippi. For anyone who may have recently encountered an accident and has sustained injuries, contact Jackson, MS truck accident attorney Toby Gammill. He can help assess your claim and determine if more compensation is available for your injuries. You can contact Toby Gammill at 601-487-2300.