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Accidents involving commercial trucks can be costly and cause severe injuries.

Truck accident lawyer in Suffolk County, New York discusses common mistakes made by accident victims

Suffolk County, NY- Were you in a New York truck accident? Are you planning on filing a truck accident claim? If a negligent truck driver caused your accident, you might be entitled to compensation, but without the help of an expert, you could make mistakes that could jeopardize your truck accident claim. In this article, USAttorneys will discuss some of the mistakes victims of truck crashes make when trying to recover compensation

Not getting immediate medical attention

Some truck accidents often cause such severe injuries that victims must be taken away in an ambulance. But sometimes victims aren’t hurt badly enough to need emergency attention, so they put off going to the hospital or the doctor. Don’t wait to get medical treatment because you could make your injuries worse and it could count against your truck wreck claim.

Talking to the at-fault parties

The first mistakes truck accident victims make is to talk about their crash without speaking with a truck accident lawyer. You may not think you could affect your case by answering an insurance adjuster’s or a trucking company’s questions, but those seemingly innocent questions could irreparably damage your injury case. These parties are hoping you say something they can use against you and limit the amount of compensation you recover.

Don’t speak with anyone about your claim except for your legal counsel.

Asking for the wrong settlement amount

Another mistake is asking for the wrong amount of settlement funds during the negotiation stage of your claim. Without the advice of a lawyer, you could ask for too much or too little for your accident. Either way, not asking for the right amount lets an insurance adjuster and trucking company know you don’t know the value of your claim and you could be offered a low-ball settlement.

How do you know the value of your claim? You need to speak with a truck accident lawyer to determine the true value of your claim.

Being in a hurry to settle

Many truck accident victims rush to settle their claim, so they can put the whole ordeal behind them and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, too many truck accident victims accept the first settlement offer they get, but that can end up being a major mistake. You risk getting a smaller settlement if you don’t negotiate with the responsible parties. That is why you need a truck accident expert in Suffolk County, NY to negotiate on your behalf and show why you deserve more compensation than you are being offered.

How can you avoid these mistakes?

A truck accident claim is an intimidating process, which is why USAttorneys suggest you get medical attention first then speak with a lawyer. We can connect you with a truck accident lawyer in Suffolk County, New York to arrange a case evaluation. You can discuss the facts of your case and help you decide what course of action will result in a generous settlement.

Speak with a truck accident lawyer to learn the true value of your claim.