South Fargo, ND- Commercial truck accidents can be very destructive, causing grave or serious injuries to the parties involved. That is why it is so critical for drivers and trucking companies to ensure their vehicles are in proper working order from front to back, top to bottom. Sadly, though, there are plenty parties who are willing to let certain things slide in spite of the potential risks. Two of those things include the brakes and tires.

Results from Roadcheck, a trucking safety blitz conducted in 2013, showed that in inspections of over 73,000 commercial trucks nearly 23 were not in good working order and should have been taken off the road. Those inspections looked at a number of different factors including brakes and tires, two of the more common mechanical issues that can lead to deadly truck accident.

While there is a whole list of mechanical issues that can lead to a truck accident, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists brake failure as one of the most common causes of truck collisions. Even a driver with a great deal of experience may find it difficult to control their truck if the brakes fails.

During September’s Brake Safety Week, inspectors for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance examined over 13,000 commercial trucks operating in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Inspectors found that 10.4 percent of U.S.-based trucks had out-of-service brake adjustment violations and 9.3 percent trucks had out-of-service brake components, according to Trucking Info.

Failing tire and tire blowouts are also common. About 6 percent of trucks examined in the FMCSA Large Truck Accident Causation Study were involved in collisions because of failing tires. A tire can fail because it is worn, a retread, or the truck driver is traveling faster than the tire can handle. A tire blowout can also cause a driver to lose control and possibly cause an accident.

Truck driver and trucking companies are obligated to make certain their brakes and tires are in sound working order. Not doing so means the truck driver, the trucking company or both are liable for any injuries of deaths that result from an accident. It’s really not worth putting lives in danger to save money, no matter the amount.

If you have been injured in an accident with a semi, tanker, log truck, dump truck or other commercial truck, you would benefit from the advice of a truck accident lawyer in South Fargo. They will evaluate you’re the circumstances of your accident and identify the cause so you know who must take financial responsibility for your injuries or the death of your loved one.

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