In the state of Pennsylvania, truck accidents are not only governed by and subjected to the truck accident laws of the state of Pennsylvania itself, but are also subjected to federal laws implemented by the Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration (FMSCA).

When a truck accident occurs, more often than not, it is usually due to the negligence or recklessness on part of the truck driver or trucking company. According to statistics published by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) 11.8% of all truck accidents in Pennsylvania are fatal accidents which destroy families and cause massive grief.

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Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents across the nation.

Common causes of truck accidents

 Fatigued driving – There are both state specific and federal restrictions when it comes to how many hours a truck driver can operate for continuously without a break. Furthermore, there may even be restrictions on the maximum hours in a week/month, etc.

o These laws are in place in order to avoid fatigued driving. However, truck drivers often turn a blind eye to these laws and exceed the safe amount of hours in order to make overtime pay. This can lead to fatigued driving where the driver’s response times are reduced, his/her judgment and motor skills are affected, and in some cases, the driver may even fall asleep at the wheel.

 Impaired driving – Working as a truck operator involves embarking on long and lonely journeys across the country. Many truck drivers turn to stimulants and recreational drugs in order to cope with it. Needless to say, driving a heavy duty commercial truck while under the influence of drugs is certainly not a bright idea.

 Improper loading – Trucks are most commonly used to transport a payload. However, in order to maximize profits it is not uncommon for trucking operators to overload the truck. This is insidiously dangerous as it can move the center of gravity to forward or rear which can mean a partial or even complete loss of control during operations.

 Mechanical failures – As reported by the DOT the number one mechanical failure that causes truck accidents are tire/wheel/brake related. These resulted in 108 truck accidents in the 2015.

o Other common mechanical failures include but are not limited to unsecure trailers, overloaded power train failure, total steering system failure, trailer hitch, improper towing, faulty suspension, lighting related failure, and exhaust system failure.

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