San Francisco, CA- Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are big, so when these trucks are involved in an accident, then ensuing injuries are big. Some truck accident victims are fortunate and don’t sustain serious injuries, but when the accident is serious enough, the injuries a victim can sustain are devastating and costly.

Common Injuries Sustained in truck accidents
• Neck and Spinal injuries
• Traumatic Brain injuries
• Loss of a limb or use of a limb
• Burns by fire or chemicals
• Broken Bones

Back and neck injuries can run the gamut from minor to serious, but almost all sufferers face a long road to recovery. For some victims, neck and back injuries may appear to be minor, but often the victim will face an immense amount of pain, which can become a chronic life-long issue. Other truck accident victims suffer more serious injuries which can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis, these victims will no longer be able to walk or take care of their basic needs. In the worst cases, accident victims who suffer spinal injuries cannot work. Medical treatment and long-term care for these injuries can be very costly.

Traumatic brain injuries can be just as devastating as neck or spinal injuries. In many cases the victims require months and even years of rehabilitation in order to perform tasks that were once routine and mundane. Brain injuries can lead to diminished mental capacity and like spinal injury victims, brain injury suffers may never be able to work again or provide for themselves and their families.

Loss of a limb or use of that limb poses obvious challenges for accident victims and there is no such thing as complete recovery. Losing a limb means that accident victims cannot do things they used to do. They cannot walk or pick up things without the use of a prosthetic or the assistance of another person. A victim may no longer be able to continue working in the chosen profession or lead a normal life.

Burns from fire or toxic chemicals are very painful, especially if the burns cover a large area. Burns are among the most costly injuries to treat. An accident victim not only has to suffer the pain but may become permanently disfigured. Inhalation of toxic fumes can lead to chronic respiratory problems and cause other damage to internal organs.

Broken bones while not as serious as some injuries a truck accident victim can sustain, but they do take a long time to recover from, and can cause the person to suffer from chronic pain and diminished capacities.

All of these injuries come at an enormous physical, emotional and financial cost for the victim. All of these injuries have the potential for dramatically altering the truck accident victim’s life, sometimes permanently. These injury victims will face a mountain of medical bills which should not come out of their pockets if their injuries were the result of negligent or careless truck driver or trucking company. A truck accident attorney will work to get every dime of compensation their client deserves.