Lafayette, LA – If a person is injured by a commercial vehicle such as a truck or bus, the victim and their lawyer may go through a special process to determine exactly what went wrong and try to find a way to pay for injuries and other losses. Because this process is best handled by experienced lawyers with a particular focus on motor vehicle accidents involving companies that operate fleets of commercial vehicles, victims should always consult with a trusted local firm as soon as possible after the accident. This will give the best chance for success and complete resolution of the issues presented by the case. 

Commercial vehicles and particular issues with lawsuits against them

Commercial vehicle accidents generate a number of specific concerns that can be addressed by a firm that focuses on these kinds of issues. Vehicles such as buses, shipping trucks, taxi cabs, vans and transportation vehicles, may all be legally categorized as commercial vehicles. In these cases, the company that owns the vehicle at fault will often have to answer for any negligence and injuries caused by an accident, as well as the individual driver responsible. These lawsuits are slightly different than those against regular drivers because the process of suing a business and trying to get a settlement agreement or jury verdict for a client is never quite the same. For example, trucks can have a much larger frame and cargo that can spill out causing additional damage. There may also be questions as to whether the truck and the driver were compliant with all relevant regulations at the time of the collision.  

Any company that made serious mistakes which lead to the crash will have to answer to a negligence lawsuit. This type of case alleges that the breach of care on the roads by the driver and the business was the actual cause of the victim’s injuries and any related problems. 

Highlighting the experiences of Kyle Sherman

Mr. Sherman has dedicated much time and thought to the process of helping clients and working on their behalf, and how to improve in these areas. There are pressures on lawyers as well, which can create additional issues with representation and assisting the client through their case. Finding solutions to these issues such as Trial Structure, a program meant to assist with witness preparation, depositions, and presentations, has been a particularly rewarding experience for Sherman, which highlighted his passions. 

Getting help with the particulars of an accident case

Anyone who has been harmed in a truck accident in the Lafayette area can contact Brandt and Sherman for help. The firm has been awarded for client satisfaction and provides professional advice to local clients. 

Firm contact info:

Brandt & Sherman, LLP 

111 Mercury St., Lafayette, LA 70503


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