What Commercial Truck Driving is Like Through the Eyes of a Woman




Operating a massive commercial truck isn’t an easy job as it carries significant risk with the territory. While the trucking industry is predominately men, there are a few brave women out there who drive these trucks, and actually like it. In 2014, there were 3.4 million truck drivers out on the roads and only 5.8% of them were women. One of those women is Melissa Rojas and she shared what her experiences have been like while being a truck driver with those over at Buzzfeed News.

Rojas, when interviewed, was a mom who worked six days a week, driving 3,500 over the course of her work days. She would travel from Michigan to New Mexico and back, every single week. On one of those trips, the rain began and didn’t stop for days. Melisa and her partner were stuck in the truck due to the inclement weather. They ate, slept, and even “considered the possibility of urinating the in the truck” if need be. But that isn’t the only challenge female truck drivers are faced with.

The source highlighted that the job itself is rather dangerous in general. In 2013, 3,858 drivers were involved in fatal truck accidents despite the fact that it is federal law for drivers to conduct a vehicle inspection before every trip to ensure the truck is safe to operate. Truckers are also presented with other unexpected hazards. Rojas shared that one of her male friends encountered an alligator at a loading dock in Louisiana. While accidents and unexpected hazardous are some of the things truckers need to be prepared for, female drivers are sometimes put in more danger than men. There have been reports of

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Female truck drivers aren’t only at risk of engaging in a truck accident as they spend a great deal of time on the road, but they are also at risk of being sexually harassed.

rape and sexual harassment while these women are traveling on the roadways, alone. Two major trucking companies were even sued after female employees complained that they were constantly being harassed and assaulted yet that their supervisors didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Aside from the dangers the roadway presents, Rojas is also forced to be away from her children and sometimes, during these long rides, she gets tired. But, she likes being out on the road, free from the confinement of an office, and the ability to work on her own schedule.

While it appears that Rojas is faced with challenges, she seems to be satisfied with her overall choice to be a truck driver. It takes a certain type of person to be dedicated to endless hours of driving and be confident in their skills to maneuver such a large vehicle. While truckers are trained and constantly required to inspect their vehicles, accidents sometimes manage to still occur.


As Careful as We Are, Some Accidents Are Unavoidable


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